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 +======Manoeuvre Decks======
 +=====Rifleman Cards=====
 +These cards are used to determine which direction a unit of riflemen is facing in the turn.  You need 4 cards for each unit (8 cards if using the optional below dragon placements).
 +Note - the arc of fire for riflemen is from the centre of the back of the dragon, not its head.  You may need to place the card on top of the dragon card when firing to measure arcs.
 +=====Wings of War Equivalents=====
 +I've not yet made proper manoeuvre decks for each category, but some cards from the original Wings of War can be used as substitute decks in the meantime-
 +^Dragons of War^Wings of War|
 +|J| |
 +|L| |
 +Agility: 0\\
 +Speed: 2
 +Agility: 1\\
 +Speed: 0
 +Agility: 1\\
 +Speed: 1
 +  * [[DOWdeckC|C Deck Cards]]
 +Agility: 2\\
 +Speed: 1
 +Agility: 2\\
 +Speed: 2
 +  * [[DOWdeckE|E Deck Cards]]
 +Agility: 2\\
 +Speed: 3
 +Agility: 3\\
 +Speed: 1
 +  * [[DOWdeckG|G Deck Cards]]
 +Agility: 3\\
 +Speed: 3
 +Agility: 3\\
 +Speed: 4
 +Agility: 3\\
 +Speed: 5
 +Agility: 4\\
 +Speed: 2
 +Agility: 5\\
 +Speed: 3
 +=====Special Cards=====
 +  * **Hover** (3)
 +    * May not be played after a steep manoeuvre.
 +  * **Speed Burst** (1)
 +    * May not be played on a steep manoeuvre.
 +    * Repeat the manoeuvre card this is placed on.
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