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Skinned Humans

There are two characters from the movies that are skinned - one male and one female. Images and descriptions from the collectibles website - Frank
Description: Only the most degraded of minds could imagine the depths that Frank sank too in his search for experience. It was not enough to take the innocence from Kirsty or the love from Julia but it was his meeting with The Cenobites that proved too much even for him. An audience that saw his senses taken beyond the limits and his skin taken as their trophy.

Description: The betrayer who became the betrayed. Wife to Larry Cotton, Lover to Frank Cotton. Forbidden desires indulged were enough to transform Julia into a murderer, but it was The Cenobites who carried out helll's retribution for her sins. But when Dr. Channard resurrected her skinned visage from the bloody mattress on which she died he also resurrected her lust for vengeance.


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