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 +  * GloomFamilies
 +  * GloomUnwelcomeGuests
 +  * GloomResidences
 +  * GloomMysteries
 +  * GloomEvents
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 +<tr><th>Angel</th><td>Starry-Eyed Serial Killer</td><td>Blackwater Watch</td><td>Scythe</td><td>Angel's always had a hankerin' to go to the big cityGǪ. and kill someone.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Balthazar</th><td>The Unfaithful Hound</td><td>Blackwater Watch</td><td>Scythe</td><td>Balthazar knows where all the bones are buried.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Cousin Mordecai</th><td>The Red-Headed Stepchild</td><td>Blackwater Watch</td><td>Scythe</td><td>Inbreeding is the least of his worries.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>The Old Dam</th><td>Murderous Matriarch</td><td>Blackwater Watch</td><td>Scythe</td><td>She rules the Blackwater clan with an iron fist. And when necessary, with blackmail, poison, and a knife in the dark.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Willem Stark</th><td>Disturbing Handyman</td><td>Blackwater Watch</td><td>Scythe</td><td>Willem has worked with the Old Dam for decades. In that time he's handled all sorts of jobs. And relatives.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Elias E. Gorr</th><td>Itinerant Gravedigger</td><td>Castle Slogar</td><td>Brain</td><td>It can be hard for a traveling gravedigger to find jobs, but there's always work at Castle Slogar.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Grogar</th><td>Work in Progress</td><td>Castle Slogar</td><td>Brain</td><td>Professor Slogar is determined to create the perfect groom for her daughter. She still has a ways to go.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Lord Slogar</th><td>Brain in a Box</td><td>Castle Slogar</td><td>Brain</td><td>Lord Slogar's thoughts may be muddied, but Helena assures us that his heart is in the right</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Melissa Slogar</th><td>Cadaverous Child</td><td>Castle Slogar</td><td>Brain</td><td>It's a shame when a child dies at a tender age.  But sometimes it's a shame when she doesn't.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Professor Helena</th><td>Eccentric Inventor</td><td>Castle Slogar</td><td>Brain</td><td>Helena enjoys gardening, long walks in the moonlight, and reanimating the dead. </td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Darius Dark</th><td>Sinister Ringmaster</td><td>Dark's Den of Deformity</td><td>Circus Tent</td><td>The carnival is in Dark's blood. And there is quite a lot of blood in his carnivalGǪ.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Elissandre DeVille</th><td>The Illustrated Lady</td><td>Dark's Den of Deformity</td><td>Circus Tent</td><td>Sadly, Elissandre's modesty prevents her from sharing her remarkable tattoos with the world.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Mister Giggles</th><td>Creepy Clown</td><td>Dark's Den of Deformity</td><td>Circus Tent</td><td>Mister Giggles always has a smile for the children.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Samson O'Toole</th><td>The Bearded Man</td><td>Dark's Den of Deformity</td><td>Circus Tent</td><td>While bearded ladies are always popular, few people seem interested in Samson's remarkable deformity.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Thumbelisa</th><td>The Diminutive Diva</td><td>Dark's Den of Deformity</td><td>Circus Tent</td><td>Darius Dark would have been wise to promote Thumbelisa's minute size instead of her mediocre operatic talents.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Butterfield</th><td>The Lurking Butler</td><td>Hemlock Hall</td><td>Top Hat</td><td>Whatever it is, he did it.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Goody Zarr</th><td>Nefarious Nanny</td><td>Hemlock Hall</td><td>Top Hat</td><td>Goody Zarr has been most vigilant in schooling the children; they are nearly half way through Ye Bigge Book of Poisons</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Lola Wellington-Smythe</th><td>Wild Child</td><td>Hemlock Hall</td><td>Top Hat</td><td>Once in a lifetime, you may have the chance to dance with the Devil or dice with Death. For Lola, that's a slow night.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Lord Wellington-Smythe</th><td>Dumbfounded Duke</td><td>Hemlock Hall</td><td>Top Hat</td><td>Since the death of his wife, he has doted on his two youngest childrenGǪ. Despite their remarkable lack of paternal resemblance.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>The Twins</th><td>Adorable Tots</td><td>Hemlock Hall</td><td>Top Hat</td><td>The Wellington-Smythe twins are the sweetest deomically possessed sociopaths you'll ever meet.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Belladonna</th><td>Consumptive Courtesan</td><td>Le Canard Noir</td><td>Black Duck</td><td>Once she was consumed by passion; now, she's just being consumed.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>James DeWinter</th><td>Penniless Poet</td><td>Le Canard Noir</td><td>Black Duck</td><td>You have to suffer to write.  Apparently, James just hasn't suffered enough.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Marie Delacroix </th><td>Misunderstood Model</td><td>Le Canard Noir</td><td>Black Duck</td><td>She's found a way to make her paralyzing fear of clothing work for her.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Rosseau</th><td>Patchwork Painter</td><td>Le Canard Noir</td><td>Black Duck</td><td>His dearest Rosalyn wishes he'd just send flowers.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Simon Simone</th><td>Androgynous Actor</td><td>Le Canard Noir</td><td>Black Duck</td><td>As far as Simon is concerned, gender is just another role.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Boils Malone</th><td>The Ugly American</td><td>The Broken Arms</td><td>Money Bag</td><td>It's not just a figure of speech.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Bulletproof Bonnie</th><td>Maniacal Moll</td><td>The Broken Arms</td><td>Money Bag</td><td>She's a pistol</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Chopper Johnson</th><td>Hatchetman</td><td>The Broken Arms</td><td>Money Bag</td><td>He's got an axe to grind GǪ five of them, actually.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Little Miss Mina</th><td>Poisonous Princess</td><td>The Broken Arms</td><td>Money Bag</td><td>She goes through au pairs by the pair.</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Pencils Pierre</th><td>Gourmet Accountant</td><td>The Broken Arms</td><td>Money Bag</td><td>Cooking the books is his specialty.</td></tr>
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