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AngelStarry-Eyed Serial KillerBlackwater WatchScytheAngel's always had a hankerin' to go to the big cityGǪ. and kill someone.
BalthazarThe Unfaithful HoundBlackwater WatchScytheBalthazar knows where all the bones are buried.
Cousin MordecaiThe Red-Headed StepchildBlackwater WatchScytheInbreeding is the least of his worries.
The Old DamMurderous MatriarchBlackwater WatchScytheShe rules the Blackwater clan with an iron fist. And when necessary, with blackmail, poison, and a knife in the dark.
Willem StarkDisturbing HandymanBlackwater WatchScytheWillem has worked with the Old Dam for decades. In that time he's handled all sorts of jobs. And relatives.
Elias E. GorrItinerant GravediggerCastle SlogarBrainIt can be hard for a traveling gravedigger to find jobs, but there's always work at Castle Slogar.
GrogarWork in ProgressCastle SlogarBrainProfessor Slogar is determined to create the perfect groom for her daughter. She still has a ways to go.
Lord SlogarBrain in a BoxCastle SlogarBrainLord Slogar's thoughts may be muddied, but Helena assures us that his heart is in the right
Melissa SlogarCadaverous ChildCastle SlogarBrainIt's a shame when a child dies at a tender age. But sometimes it's a shame when she doesn't.
Professor HelenaEccentric InventorCastle SlogarBrainHelena enjoys gardening, long walks in the moonlight, and reanimating the dead.
Darius DarkSinister RingmasterDark's Den of DeformityCircus TentThe carnival is in Dark's blood. And there is quite a lot of blood in his carnivalGǪ.
Elissandre DeVilleThe Illustrated LadyDark's Den of DeformityCircus TentSadly, Elissandre's modesty prevents her from sharing her remarkable tattoos with the world.
Mister GigglesCreepy ClownDark's Den of DeformityCircus TentMister Giggles always has a smile for the children.
Samson O'TooleThe Bearded ManDark's Den of DeformityCircus TentWhile bearded ladies are always popular, few people seem interested in Samson's remarkable deformity.
ThumbelisaThe Diminutive DivaDark's Den of DeformityCircus TentDarius Dark would have been wise to promote Thumbelisa's minute size instead of her mediocre operatic talents.
ButterfieldThe Lurking ButlerHemlock HallTop HatWhatever it is, he did it.
Goody ZarrNefarious NannyHemlock HallTop HatGoody Zarr has been most vigilant in schooling the children; they are nearly half way through Ye Bigge Book of Poisons
Lola Wellington-SmytheWild ChildHemlock HallTop HatOnce in a lifetime, you may have the chance to dance with the Devil or dice with Death. For Lola, that's a slow night.
Lord Wellington-SmytheDumbfounded DukeHemlock HallTop HatSince the death of his wife, he has doted on his two youngest childrenGǪ. Despite their remarkable lack of paternal resemblance.
The TwinsAdorable TotsHemlock HallTop HatThe Wellington-Smythe twins are the sweetest deomically possessed sociopaths you'll ever meet.
BelladonnaConsumptive CourtesanLe Canard NoirBlack DuckOnce she was consumed by passion; now, she's just being consumed.
James DeWinterPenniless PoetLe Canard NoirBlack DuckYou have to suffer to write. Apparently, James just hasn't suffered enough.
Marie Delacroix Misunderstood ModelLe Canard NoirBlack DuckShe's found a way to make her paralyzing fear of clothing work for her.
RosseauPatchwork PainterLe Canard NoirBlack DuckHis dearest Rosalyn wishes he'd just send flowers.
Simon SimoneAndrogynous ActorLe Canard NoirBlack DuckAs far as Simon is concerned, gender is just another role.
Boils MaloneThe Ugly AmericanThe Broken ArmsMoney BagIt's not just a figure of speech.
Bulletproof BonnieManiacal MollThe Broken ArmsMoney BagShe's a pistol
Chopper JohnsonHatchetmanThe Broken ArmsMoney BagHe's got an axe to grind GǪ five of them, actually.
Little Miss MinaPoisonous PrincessThe Broken ArmsMoney BagShe goes through au pairs by the pair.
Pencils PierreGourmet AccountantThe Broken ArmsMoney BagCooking the books is his specialty.


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