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Dragon Cards

Card Description


  1. Image of the dragon
  2. Front arc for the breath weapon of the dragon. The arcs (left side, front and right side) aren't shown if the dragon does not have a breath weapon
  3. Head of the dragon - used for measuring breath weapon line of fire
  4. Line used to align the card in the manoeuvre deck (place the arrow at the bottom of the card on top of the arrow in the manoeuvre card)
  5. Manoeuvre deck to be used for the dragon (A to K)
  6. Armament for the dragon. If there is a number, this represents rifleman units. Letters represent-
    • A - Acid Spitter
    • D - Divine Wind
    • F - Fire Breather
    • s - Spiked Spine
    • T - Tail Weapon
    • V - Venomous
    • W - Water Spitter.
  7. Hit points. If this reaches 0, the dragon is dead.
  8. Special abilities
    • H - Hovering
    • N - Night Vision
    • S - Speedy
  9. Dragon breed
  10. Name of an individual this card represents
  11. National flag
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