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 +=====Battle of Dover=====
 +[[|Wiki article]]\\
 +Location: Cherbourg to Dover\\
 +French: 40-60 Dragons (most\\ly Middle Weight) carrying wooden platforms.  1 platform is carried by 4 dragons and holds 2000 men.
 +English: 23 Dragons (mostly Light Wieght) but also included:
 +  *  Lily, Maximus, Temeraire, Messoria, Nitidus, and Obversaria.
 +Historical outcome: Temeraire first discovered the use of the Divine Wind and was able to lure the majority of the French forces to within gun rang of the royal navy.
 +=====Battle of the Nile=====
 +[[|Wiki article]]\\
 +Location: Aboukir Bay, Egypt, on August 1 and 2, 1798.
 +French: 17 ships and 14 dragons\\
 +English: Thirteen ships of the line, eight British dragons and four loaned by the Turks.\\
 +Historical outcome: Lord Horatio Nelson led British forces to a decisive victory, essentially ending Napoleon Bonaparte's ambitions to threaten Britain's position in India by conquering Egypt. 
 +=====Battle of Shoeburyness=====
 +[[|Wiki article]]\\
 +Location: Mouth of the Thames near the town of Shoeburyness sometime between March 7 and March 13\\
 +French and English: 200,000 men, 300 dragons and 24 ships-of-the-line\\
 +Ships present:
 +  * HMS Victory - 104 gun 1st rate ship of the line (sunk)
 +  * HMS Minotaur - 74 gun 3rd rate ship of the line (sunk)
 +  * HMS Prince of Wales - 98 gun 2nd rate ship of the line (sunk)
 +  * HMS Neptune - 98 gun 2nd rate ship of the line (sunk)
 +  * HMS Superb - 74 gun 3rd rate ship of the line (survived)
 +  * 19 additional unnamed ships of the line (all sunk)
 +  * at least two frigates (all sunk) 
 +Dragons present:
 +  * Perscitia, Majestatis, Lien, Temeraire, Rictus, Messoria, Chalcedony, Accendare   
 +Historical outcome: Most French dragons and 20,000 troops were killed, all ships sunk but one (on both sides by Lien), Chalcedony killed.  Napoleon fled.
 +=====Battle of Trafalgar=====
 +[[|Wiki article]]\\
 +Location: West of Cape Trafalgar in southwest Spainon October 21, 1805.\\
 +French:33 ships and 10 dragons (5 of which were Spanish)\\
 +English: 27 ships of the line and 12 dragons\\
 +Historical outcome: Decisive victory for the English, although a thousand men killed and Nelson was seriously injured.
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