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Battle of Dover

Wiki article
Location: Cherbourg to Dover
French: 40-60 Dragons (most\\ly Middle Weight) carrying wooden platforms. 1 platform is carried by 4 dragons and holds 2000 men. English: 23 Dragons (mostly Light Wieght) but also included:

  • Lily, Maximus, Temeraire, Messoria, Nitidus, and Obversaria.

Historical outcome: Temeraire first discovered the use of the Divine Wind and was able to lure the majority of the French forces to within gun rang of the royal navy.

Battle of the Nile

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Location: Aboukir Bay, Egypt, on August 1 and 2, 1798. French: 17 ships and 14 dragons
English: Thirteen ships of the line, eight British dragons and four loaned by the Turks.
Historical outcome: Lord Horatio Nelson led British forces to a decisive victory, essentially ending Napoleon Bonaparte's ambitions to threaten Britain's position in India by conquering Egypt.

Battle of Shoeburyness

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Location: Mouth of the Thames near the town of Shoeburyness sometime between March 7 and March 13
French and English: 200,000 men, 300 dragons and 24 ships-of-the-line
Ships present:

  • HMS Victory - 104 gun 1st rate ship of the line (sunk)
  • HMS Minotaur - 74 gun 3rd rate ship of the line (sunk)
  • HMS Prince of Wales - 98 gun 2nd rate ship of the line (sunk)
  • HMS Neptune - 98 gun 2nd rate ship of the line (sunk)
  • HMS Superb - 74 gun 3rd rate ship of the line (survived)
  • 19 additional unnamed ships of the line (all sunk)
  • at least two frigates (all sunk)

Dragons present:

  • Perscitia, Majestatis, Lien, Temeraire, Rictus, Messoria, Chalcedony, Accendare

Historical outcome: Most French dragons and 20,000 troops were killed, all ships sunk but one (on both sides by Lien), Chalcedony killed. Napoleon fled.

Battle of Trafalgar

Wiki article
Location: West of Cape Trafalgar in southwest Spainon October 21, 1805.
French:33 ships and 10 dragons (5 of which were Spanish)
English: 27 ships of the line and 12 dragons
Historical outcome: Decisive victory for the English, although a thousand men killed and Nelson was seriously injured.

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