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Defining a Guard


  • Distracted–Looking at things they shouldn't because they failed their distraction check while bored.
    • FOV: 45 degrees—Notice: Special (see Alerts below)
  • Bored—The typical status of guards. Prone to stopping for idle chats with other guards, admiring views and artwork or generally not paying too much attention. Frequent breaks from active guard duty will reduce the chance of boredom occurring.
    • FOV: 90 degrees—Notice: -1
  • Interested —Actively guarding. The ideal status for a guard to be in during their duties. Looking for unusual things and sounds.
    • FOV: 90 degrees—Notice: +0 300 DPI image for a 1x1cm dice
  • Alert—Looking everywhere because something is not right, and they know it. An alert guard has either spotted something unusual but not yet identified it as a thief - or they have been alerted by another guard.
    • FOV: 180 degrees—Notice: +1
    • For ease of managing guard in Alert status, this is broken down into -
      • Alert-Investigate—for guards that are moving towards the point that whatever it was alerted them.
      • Alert-Return—for guard that haven't found anything and are moving back to their patrol rout.
  • Pursuit—The thief has been spotted, pursue and notify all their guard mates. A guard in pursuit status may be moved freely by the Owner player instead of following a patrol route. It is perfectly fine for the guards to move towards the thief even if the thief is completely hidden, the detection rules specify that they will give up unless the thief is spotted.
    • FOV: 90 degrees—Notice: +2


  • Green—Guard starts with 10 skill points.—$25
  • Professional—Guard starts with 14 skill points.—$50
  • Experienced—Guard starts with 17 skill points.—$75
  • Elite—Guard starts with 20 skill points.—$100

3 status sheets in a PDF


A guard has 5 health levels.


A guard distributes skill points amongst their skills. No skill can be less than 1. Each skill point represents 1 dice rolled. No skill can be higher than 1 point above the next highest skill.

  • Alertness—Ability to notice changes in the environment
  • Hearing—Ability to hear unusual sounds
  • Conscientious—How long they stay interested and how quickly they stop being distracted.
    • Note - A Conscientious 1 guard that becomes bored will never stop looking out a window or admiring the Treasured Item.
  • Boredom Tolerance—How easily they are distracted by something interesting
  • Speed—How quickly they move. Speed+3 = inches moved each turn.
  • Weapon skill—How quickly they will kill you


A guard can have two pieces of equipment.

  • Sword—Melee weapon
  • Bow—Missile weapon, comes with 20 standard arrows.
  • Torch—Good for lighting dark corners.
    • Light: 4
  • Whistle—To alert other guards.
    • Sound: 20
  • Armour—To protect against more violent thieves.
    • Effect: Damage is halved
  • Helmet—To protect against thieves of the over zealous Blackjack school.
    • Effect: Blackjack does not work.


Used to personalise guards. A guard may have one trait or no traits.

  • Obese—Halve speed (round down, speed must be at least 2 originally). The guard's body cannot be moved by a single thief (two thieves could move the body).
  • Newbie—Halve weapon skill (round down, weapon skill must be at least 2 originally). The guard will never enter bored status, but will never alert other guards if they enter pursuit status.
  • Veteran—Once per game, the Owner may change this guard's status to alert and nominate a point within at most 6 of a thief as the area from which the alert came.“
  • Drunkard—All skills are at 1 point. Guard is always counted as being at bored status unless they are triggered into alert or pursuit status - if they are, when they return from that status they immediately go back to being bored. This guard is also noisy and generates 5 points of sound. On the plus side, this guard is free and you can have as many as you want.
  • Trigger Happy—This guard will shoot first before investigating properly. If this guard enters alert status (but not pursuit) they will shoot at anything that moves that hasn't been identified (ie anything not in full light).
  • Soldier—This guard is ex-military and has their old service equipment instead of the normal two pieces of equipment: Armour, Helmet and Sword.

Using a Guard

Patrol Routes


When bored, a guard is likely to be distracted by interesting things. This delays their patrol route and stops them from observing possible thief activity. However, they are likely to recover from being bored afterwards.


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