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Defining a Civilian


  • Bored—The typical status of civilians. Prone to stopping for idle chats with anyone, admiring views and artwork or generally not paying too much attention.
    • FOV: 90 degrees—Notice: -1
  • Panicked—Looking everywhere because something is not right, and they know it. A panicked civilian has either spotted something unusual but not yet identified it as a thief - or they have been alerted by a guard. A panicked civilian's first action will be to attack if they are a soldier or mage, otherwise they will flee to the nearest guard and alert them.
    • FOV: 180 degrees—Notice: +1


  • Alertness—Ability to notice changes in the environment
  • Hearing—Ability to hear unusual sounds
  • Speed—How quickly they move. Speed+3 = inches moved each turn.
  • Weapon skill—How quickly they will kill you

Type of Civilian

  • GuestA: 1 H: 1 S: 1 W: 1 —$10
  • ServantA: 1 H: 1 S: 2 W: 1 —$20
  • Noble GuestA: 2 H: 2 S: 1 W: 2 —$30


A civilian has 3 health levels.


  • Sword—Melee weapon
  • Armour—To protect against more violent thieves.
    • Effect: Damage is halved


Used to personalise civilians. A civilian may have one trait or no traits.

  • Obese—Halve speed (round down, speed must be at least 2 originally). The civilian's body cannot be moved by a single thief (two thieves could move the body).
  • Veteran—Once per game, the Owner may change this civilian's status to panicked and nominate a point within at most 6 of a thief as the area from which the panic came.“
  • Drunkard—All skills are at 1 point. This civilian is noisy and generates 5 points of sound. On the plus side, this civilian is free and you can have as many as you want.
  • Soldier—This civilian is ex-military and has their old service equipment: Armour and Sword.
  • Mage—This civilian is a mage and may cast fireballs once per turn which act like fire arrows.

Using a Civilian

Wander Routes

Civilians have a limited number of routes they can take. A civilian in a line route will travel up and down it for the entire game. A civilian in a circle route will travel around it the entire game.


  • Available for: Guest and Noble Guest
  • Description: Requires two or more civilians to be in the same room and facing each other. They are in conversation.

Single Room

  • Available for: All
  • Description: Draw a circle within one room. The room must contain things to look at (see Distractions )

Adjacent Rooms

  • Available for: Guest and Noble Guest
  • Description: Draw a line between two adjacent rooms.

View the trophy

  • Available for: Guest and Noble Guest
  • Description: Draw a line from a guest bedroom to the trophy room.

Kitchen staff

  • Available for: Servant
  • Description: Draw a line from the kitchen to each guest bedroom. The route changes to a different bedroom destination each time the servant reaches the kitchen.


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