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Character Creation

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  • Green—Thief starts with 12 skill points.
  • Professional—Thief starts with 16 skill points.
  • Experienced—Thief starts with 20 skill points.
  • Legendary—Thief starts with 24 skill points.


A thief has 10 health levels.


A thief distributes skill points amongst their skills. No skill can be less than 1. Each skill point represents 1 dice rolled. No skill can be higher than 1 point above the next highest skill.

  • Alertness—Ability to notice changes in the environment
  • Hearing—Ability to hear unusual sounds
  • Sneak—Ability to open locks and other misc thief things.
  • Climb—Ability to climb.
  • Contacts—Knowing who has what information on the target and the ability to acquire illegal equipment. see Contacts
  • Speed—How quickly they move. Speed+3 = inches moved each turn.
  • Weapon skill—How to use sword, blackjack and bow.
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