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Owner Player


  1. Boredom—If a guard has reached the end of their Patrol Route, check to see if they become bored.
  2. New Rooms—Place any rooms that are within the LOS and FOV of any thief.
  3. Old Rooms—Remove any rooms that are at least 3 rooms away from any thief and not within LOS or FOV.
  4. Distractions—Resolve any off map distractions. Distracted guard off map return to their duties.
  5. Pursuit—Any guards that are off map and in pursuit status change to alert status (Alert-Return) and begin returning to their patrol route.
  6. Off Map Movement—Mark the movement of all off map/undetected guards and civilians.
  7. Visibility—Check to see if any guards or civilians have moved onto the visible map, if so - place an unknown marker on the visible map for them.
  8. On Map Movement—Place a destination marker for each guard, civilian and unknown marker on the map.

Thief Player(s)

  1. On Map Movement—Place a destination marker for your thief.
  2. Healing—If you used a healing potion last turn, restore your thief back to full health.
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