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Base Statistics

Villagers start with default values in the following statistics:-


The default value for a villager is 2. This number needs to exceeded with Dexterity in order to hit a character.


The default value for a villager is 2. This number needs to be exceeded in order to damage a character.


The default value for a villager is 2. This number is reduced by weapons, attacks or other forms of violence. If it ever reaches 0, the character is dead. The slider statistic of Health adds to the base Health of a character.


The default value for a villager 2. This number represents the number of orthogonal squares a character may move on the board. The slider statistic of Speed can be used to temporarily give a character a burst of speed by expending morale counters. Counters can be spent at any time during a character's move, but only one counter may be spent on Speed per character per turn.

Slider Statistics


Strength is primarily used to cause damage in combat.


Dexterity is primarily used to hit a target in combat.


Spending a counter during a player's turn increases the characters movement by the speed amount. A character does not have to move the entire speed. Only one counter per character per turn may be spent (ie if you have several characters, you may spend one counter on each on any given turn)


Adds to a character's base Health.


Used to solve problems and deduce the weaknesses of certain kinds of fiendish creation.


Used to negate the effects of magical attacks.

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