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Euro Rally

Key Differences

  1. Every player has their own program card deck of the same cards. Which cards you have available for any turn is not random
  2. Every player randomly draws priority tiles from a bag, one for each register. Program card priority is still random, but is secretly applied to each register
  3. Option Store - options are divided by type, allowing some choice instead of random chance. Also there is a pre-game bidding round to get options.
  4. Lives are unlimited. You die, you come back at your archive space (with 2 damage as normal).

Program Deck

Each player has a program deck of the following 9 cards-

  • Move 3, Move 2, Move 1, Move 1, Backup, Rotate Left, Rotate Right, U-Turn, Repeat

All cards behave as the regular game. Repeat is a new card, which repeats the card in the previous register (and may never be played in the first register

Priority Tiles

Numbered from 1 to 40. You only use 5 sequential numbers per player (ie for two players, use tiles numbered 1 to 10). They are placed in a draw bag, and a player draws enough to place on their registers each turn.

Program cards are still placed face down for each register, but a priority tile is also placed on top of it, also face down. The purpose of these tiles is to determine timing in program card execution for that register.

Priority tiles are always randomly chosen each turn, and placed by a player for each register. Registers that are locked with damage, only keep their program cards, not their priority tiles, which are always chosen each turn by the player.

Option Shop

Option cards are divided into guns, projectiles, defensive, movement and miscellaneous (usually programming related). Shuffle each of these sub-decks and place them on the shop card. Turn the top of each deck face-up. Whenever a robot would normally get an option, they may choose the top face-up card from any of the five decks. They then turn the next card beneath face-up.

  • Guns
    • Big Gun, Double Barrel Laser, Fire Control, High Power Laser, Homing Device, Interceptor, Mini Howitzer, Pressor Beam, Radio Control, Ramming Gear, Rear Laser, Scrambler, Self-Destruct, Tractor Beam, Turret
  • Projectiles
    • Buzz Bomb, Drone Launcher, Goo Dropper, Mine Layer, Missile Launcher, Portable Teleporter, Proximity Mine, Scrambler Bomb, The Big One
  • Defensive
    • Ablative Coat, Converter, Option Damping Field, Power Down Shield, Reflector, Shield
  • Movement
    • Big Jet, Brakes, Bridge Layer, Crab Legs, Fourth Gear, Frog Legs, Gyroscopic Stabiliser, Mechanical Arm, Retro-Rockets, Reverse Gears, Robo-Copter
  • Miscellaneous
    • Abort Switch, Bio Option, Circuit Breaker, Conditional, Dual Processor, Extra Memory, Fly Wheel, Overload Override, Recompile, Re-engineering Unit, Superior Archive Copy

Pre Game Bidding

Before the game starts, players may choose to start with one or more options. Players bid with damage. Take out ten damage markers per player. If any player bids all their damage markers, they start the game with a destroyed robot - which means they miss an entire turn, and come back at the archive spot with two damage next turn.

  1. Start with one of the five Option decks
  2. Place the face-up card so everyone can see it
  3. Every player secretly places zero to ten damage markers in their hand
  4. Every player reveals their bid at the same time
  5. The highest bid gets the card. Turn over the next card in the same deck and start a bid for that one.
  6. If there is a draw:
    • The players in the draw may then secretly bid additional damage markers
    • IF this second bid is again a draw this is now unresolved - bidding for this deck finishes. Place the option back on the deck and move to the next deck.
  7. If no one bids on an option, then bidding for that deck is finished. Place the option back on the deck and move to the next one.
  8. You continue bidding on options in the same deck until no one bids, or there is an unresolved draw for the deck

After all the bidding, your robot starts the game with as much damage as you bid.

Changes to Option Cards

  • Guns
    • Interceptor - You may choose to exchange priority tiles, not program cards.
    • Radio Control - Program cards are copied, not priority tiles.
    • Scrambler - Choose a random card from the target's program deck.
  • Projectiles
    • Buzz Bomb - Use the four unused program cards from your deck and an additional Repeat card.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Abort Switch - Draw a random card from your own program deck.
    • Bio Option - Choose a facedown card from one of the option decks, not the face-up card.
    • Extra Memory - The extra card is taken randomly from an unused player program deck.
    • Flywheel - The card stored is counted as doubled for the next turn. It takes up two adjacent registers
    • Recompile - After you draw your priority tiles as normal, you may choose to discard them all back into the bag and draw a replacement set once per turn before programming.
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