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In the city every shop not currently being terrorised by a giant killer steam powered robot is busy constructing mechanical parts to sell.
Strange as it may seem, there are theoretically Non-Mad Scientists “who earn a living in something called a “gob” or somesuch nonsense. These pitiful creature eek out a non-infamous “career” through manual labour, with bosses and buy and sell and market prices!” Every bank attempts to conduct its normal business of investment and loans.
During the Shops restock phase of a turn-

  • Any shop that has no Bots within 3 hexes of it builds a random component.
  • Any bank that has no Bots within 3 hexes of it earns 1D6 money.

Getting resources

  • Bots cannot get resources at resource locations, only Mad Scientists.
  • The availability of a resource is directly proportional to the nearness of a Bot to that resource.
    • Bots are threatening presences and reduce the prices of goods in urban resource locations.

Buying and Selling

During a Mad Scientist turn they may perform one buying action or one selling action, they may not do both in a turn. Even if they move to different shops within their turn.

  • To buy a component, the Mad Scientist must be in the same hex as a shop with components left in stock.
    • Pay the appropriate money to the bank and take as many components paid for, that your scientist is able to carry (there is no point buying more components that your scientist can carry, they will stay in the shop for anyone else to buy).
  • To sell a component, the Mad Scientist must be in the same hex as a shop.
    • Take as many components you wish to sell that the Mad Scientist is carrying, and put them in the shop
    • Take the appropriate amount of money
  • If there are more than one Mad Scientists in the shop, the characters are served in the following precedence (in the case of ties, go to the next category)-
    1. The Mad Scientist with the closest Bot to the one with the furthest Bot.
    2. The Mad Scientist that has been in the shop the longest, to the most recent.
    3. The Mad Scientist with the most money.
    4. Random


In urban scenarios, money is a resource used to buy and sell other resources.

  • Money must be stolen from a bank to be used.
  • The closer a Bot is to a bank, the more money can be extorted by the Mad Scientist

Is your miserable little life worth 4 ducats, you sniveling little bank manager? Or shall I have my Destructomatic level this building with its Quantum Steam Cannon (patent pending)?!?!.

  • Unlike other resources, money does not count towards the carry limit of a Mad Scientist.

Bot RangePrice to buy a component from a shopPrice to sell a component to a shopMoney extorted from a Bank

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