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Damaging Mecha Bots

Damaging a Bot

If a Bot is within weapon range and arc of an enemy Bot, it hits that Bot with its weapon. No roll is involved, as giant killer robots are easy to target.

  • Also note - because they are so large, a Bot cannot target anything behind another Bot (e.g. a Mad Scientist lurking for protection).

To Hit Rolls

For each weapon that hits a Bot, roll to find out which hit location the damage falls on. This roll is modified by a Bot's sensor accuracy (To Hit). After rolling the attacker may add up to the modifier for sensors to their dice in order to hit a specific location.

The location hit on the Bot chassis diagram is determined by the arc the attacker is in compared to the defending Bot.

Damage occurs from the outside of the Bot Chassis at the number rolled and continues in a column until it reaches the other side of the Bot.

Damaging Components

In all cases except for the armour components - components are damaged on a 1:1 ratio. One point of damage will turn over one component. Every component damaged reduces the incoming damage total by 1 until it reaches zero. Incoming damage skips empty cells in a location and does not lose its strength.


Damage to armour is handled differently. Both types of armour components in a location are taken into account for any cell that is damaged that contains any armour component. i.e. if a Bot has 3 armour protection and 2 armour resistance, both factors affect incoming damage whether the cell contains a protection or a resistance counter.

  1. The amount of damage absorbed by the armour component is the same as the total number of Armour Protect counters in the location.

~2)The armour component is destroyed by the damage if the damage exceeds the total number of Armour Ressist counters in the location after the armour has absorbed damage. e.g. if a Bot has 3 armour protection and 2 armour resistance, incoming damage will be reduced by 3 points. If the damage done is then greater than 2, the armour component hit is destroyed.


Turn over the component on the Bot chassis to show it is damaged. Whatever object was composed of that component is now reduced in effectiveness by the loss of that component.

  • Weapons are reduced in the amount of damage they do or the range they can reach (depending on which component was destroyed)
  • Sensors are reduced in their accuracy or the range they can reach (depending on which component was destroyed)
  • Mobility is reduced in speed or the types of terrain the Bot can move over (depending on which component was destroyed)
  • Armour is reduced in its protection or resistance (depending on which component was destroyed)
  • The Boiler loses steam and is unable to power as many components.
    • Place Unpowered counters on the components. When your Mad Scientist next Tinkers with your Bot, you can move these counters (or remove them if the Bot becomes powered again).

Bots may repair damaged components at their players home laboratory with the aid of the player's Mad Scientist. See Repairing Bots


Chance of missing entirely = 2 in 36 = 5.56% Chance of hitting only 2 components = 7 in 36 = 19.44%tohit.jpg Chance of hitting 5 components = 8 in 36 = 22.22% Chance of hitting 7 components = 19 in 36 = 52.78% Chance of hitting the central row (7 components) = 3 in 36 = 8.33%

Dice ThrowChance in 36PercentageComponents Hit

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