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Leviathan Deck

Every Leviathan card is one use, and is then discarded.
Card breakdown-

  • 40% movement
  • 20% items
  • 20% entrance
  • 10% magic powers
  • 10% bad cards

Number of CardsNameTypeNotes
Degeneracy MagicAll Humans in the same tile as a Cenobite suffer 1 point of spiritual damage.
Insanity MagicFor the next 2 turns you control all insane Humans.
AbominationEntranceA Creature is summoned from the gateway. It has 6 Strength and 3 Speed.
Surprise Attack MovementRemove a Cenobite that is not in anyone's line of sight. Place it anywhere else out of line of sight.
Justice is doneItemPlay when a room item is used - another room item elsewhere in the building attacks a Human the same way.
Just desertsMagicThe Human with the lowest non-zero statistic who has just attacked a Cenobite suffers 1 point of damage to that statistic.
Personal HellMagicOne Human is in their own personal hell - they cannot be killed physically. However all spritual and mental attacks on them receive a +1.
Vision MagicLook at the top three cards of any pack.
Conversion MagicOne Creature or skinned Human that was controlled by a Human player is now controlled by you.
Plaything MagicSwap two statistics in a Human in the same tile as a Cenobite.
Darkness MovementUntil your next turn, all Human movement is halved (round down) and they are unable to use any ranged weapon.
Key MovementA wall unlocks in a door-like fashion. Choose one square of an interconnecting wall - it is now a doorway.
Torn to ShredsMagicAny character currently trapped in chains is torn apart and becomes a casualty. Reduce their physical stats to ero.
Tome ItemOne corpse in the same room as the character is converted into a page of this book. This takes one turn of doing nothing else and can be used multiple times. The Tome is carried by one Cenobite only and can not be used by any other (put a tome marker on the Cenobite). Discard the Tome to revive all the trapped corpses as Creatures.
Trapped MovementOne Human within line of sight suffers chronic claustrophobia and is unable to leave their current tile until the start of your next turn.
Gateway EntranceBring through one Creature of D6 Strength and D6 Speed and one Cenobite from the gateway.
Summon ChainsItem One Human in a Leviathan Entry Point tile is restrained by chains. The chains can take 3 damage but cannot be attacked by the restrained character.
Mirror trickMovementFor this turn all Mirrors are now Leviathan Entry Points.
Animate objectsItemAll the objects within one room tile within line of sight of one of your Cenobites become animated. Treat them as having 2 success in either Tipping, Obstacle or Restraint.
From BelowEntranceA Cenobite may enter from a stairs Leviathan Entry Point if the tile contains no Humans. Place the Cenobite out of line of sight of any Human.
From AboveEntranceA Cenobite may enter from an elevator Leviathan Entry Point if the tile contains no Humans. Place the Cenobite out of line of sight of any Human.

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