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Map Spaces

Each map space can be enhanced or degraded according to whether a Hero or a Villain lands on it, or if item or event cards are played on it. There are a number of interchangeable tiles that can be placed on the Connector strip to show the status of that space.

Landing on a Blank space

Landing on a space that hasn't got any tile on it will determine whether the space will be a Good space or a Bad space. If a Hero lands on a Blank - it will be a Good space. If a Villain lands on a Blank it will be a Bad space.

  • Encounter squares are not Blank spaces.
  • if a previously Blank space becomes an Encounter square because an event card extends the Connector - then remove any Good or Bad marker on that square.

Landing on a Good or Bad space

Heroes and Villains must obey what the space rules say. If a Hero lands on a Good space, they may increase the level of it's goodness. If a Villain lands on a Bad space, they may increase the level of its badness.

  • A Hero does not decrease the badness of a Bad space.
  • A Villain does not decrease the goodness of a Good space


The level of a space is represented by placing an appropriately coloured die on the space. Red for Bad and Blue for Good.

1Piece may move one square forward or back-1 from the next roll
2Piece may move two squares forward or backPiece must move one square to a worse square if available
3Piece may heal 1 pointPiece must move up to two squares to a worse square if available
4Piece may heal 2 pointsPiece suffers 1 damage
5Piece may rerollPiece loses its next turn


Once a space has reached the level of Special, remove the die and place the appropriate tile. The player who creates the Special chooses which particular special it should be.


  • Draw an item card
  • Draw an event card
  • Heal all stats back to starting level
  • Raise one non-Special stat by one point


  • Draw an event card
  • Damage a non-Special stat by 1
  • Lose D6 turns
  • Return to Home Base and miss a turn


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