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Mission One


Mission Difficult (MD) = 2


The 'Hawklord' a stationary science platform near a quantum pulsar, has suddenly stopped reporting last week and the quasar has become unstable. It is feared that all hands were lost yet their clones haven't activated. We only know that they were performing scientific experiments testing the tensile strength of timespace and building a stasis device. The quantum pulsar, even though dangerous and unstable, was the only source of uncharged electrons for the experiment.


Your mission is to retrieve data from the station and rescue any survivors. Each survivor is worth 10 units of data. I f you recover at least as many data units as 20 + (10 x MD), the mission is a success.

Post Mission

Despite heavy damage to the science platform, the crew were able to dock and begin evacuation. Special mention is given to marine Bucky for getting to the platform via boarding missile in order to begin moving scientists to the teleporters prior to the ship docking.

Experience earned for crewmembers-

  1. Attempting mission : 50
  2. Succeeding in mission : +100
  3. Total 150

Credits earned for mission for everyone : 150

Prestige earned for all characters : 150

Spoils of War : None

Overwhelming success bonuses


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