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The Spatcktwula

Size 7 Registry: Silicoid

Size: 7

Cargo Bay Items

Stabilizing Fin (once per round reduce OOC generated by a failed maneuver by 1)
Neutralizing Dampener (generates field that prevents ERG barrels any where on the ship from detonation when destroyed)
GeneX Tank (A Cargo Bay item that allows anyone to change their race)
Armoury (used to maintain heavy weapons)

Species bonus

Silicoid ships have a built-in indestructible Hull Stabilizer


3 Engines are +1
Most bots upgraded

life_support.jpg helm.jpg
teleporter.jpg science-270.jpg hyperdrive-180.jpg
cannon.jpg engine.jpg cargo_bay.jpg engine.jpg cargo_bay.jpg
cannon-270.jpg missile_bay-180.jpg life_support.jpg engine.jpg engine.jpg
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