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Mind Control Web

Mission Difficult (MD) = 4
From How Much For Your Planet page 83


The heroes warp in as normal and are greeted by an eerily vapid voice over the com.
“Welcome to the collective. Please report to the planet surface to offload cargo and await further instructions.”


Mission Objective: Get out with your mind intact.
Overwhelming Success: Rescue the system from mind control.

Post Mission

The previous controlled ships in the system were lackluster in their piloting, unable to bare down on the heroes until they'd already identified the mind control device on one of the asteroids. Who created the device is unknown
Experience earned for crewmembers-

  • Attempting encounter: 50
  • Succeeding in mission : +100
  • Overwhelming Success : +50
  • Total 200

Prestige earned for all characters : 200
Spoils of War : None

Overwhelming success bonuses

GeneX Tank - A Cargo Bay item that allows anyone to change their race
Engine Module - A +1 engine module
Heavy Blaster - A tripod mounted support weapon

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