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Deja Bug

Mission Difficult (MD) = 4
From How Much For Your Planet page 83, and the main rulebook page 78 with some Starship Troopers thrown in 🙂


The heroes warp in as normal and are greeted by an eerily vapid voice over the com.
“Welcome to the collective. Please report to the planet surface to offload cargo and await further instructions.”

Similar in many ways to the previous encounter, but the system is the destination for their delivery, there are no orbiting ships and there's a suspicous moon near the planet when the system (Sovereignty) should only have asteroid belts.

Upon investigation, it was discovered the mind control device is in an installation underground on the moon (immune to ship weapons) and was built by some kind of bug-like alien not previously documented (possibly an inhabitant of The Rift). The Hive (the installation) seems to be teleporting citizens from the planet at regular intervals and consuming them. This may be in direct relation to the new Bugs being birthed every round in the Hive. The crew have all beamed down, leaving one engineering bot onboard.


Mission Objective: Rescue the system from mind control.
Overwhelming Success: Destroy the Hive.

Post Mission

The Spatcktwula stays on Sovereignty for 2 months after defeating the mind control device. It takes the local planetary government that long to mop up the bugs still on the planet and those left in the hive. After which they're able to process deliveries.

The way interstellar communication works - which is to say - using fast courier ships and sending them through hyperspace similar to how every other ship travels - means that any requests for help will take weeks to reach their destinations and weeks to be replied to. This does not help the Canosians on Sovereignty, as they have gathered intel while being dominated by the bugs - of an incoming mega-sized bug, specifically sent to eat the colony off the face of the planet. The bad news is that they want the crew of the Spatcktwula the help save them, as no one else is able to (all the local ships were destroyed by the bugs upon landing and dropping off their cargo). Not only they, they aren't able to pay much - their infrastructure being devastated with the months of being mind controlled zombie food sources for the bug scouts.

On the plus side, however - no one has been able to fulfil any other JeeToma contracts (the guys that give you deliveries and own your ship) - which gives you a large selection of deliveries you can choose from:

Experience earned for crewmembers-

  • Attempting encounter: 50
  • Succeeding in mission : 100
  • Overwhelming Success : 0
  • Total 150

Prestige earned for all characters : 150
Spoils of War : None

Overwhelming success bonuses


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