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Distress Call

Mission Difficult (MD) = 3
From Galactic Civil War page 49


There is an ancient zoallan distress signal originating from what was thought to be a dead system with a dozen asteroids.


Mission Objective: Give aid as possible. Return at least 6 survivors.
Overwhelming Success: At least 12 survivors are safely returned.

Post Mission

When The Spatcktwula approached within 12 hexes of the freighter the message “Die! Die! Die!” was heard over the comms and the freighter launched 10 missiles per phase for the 3 phases in a row, taking damage to itself each time it launched.
New Objective: Get outta there as soon as possible!
New Overwhelming Success: Your ship survives with all hands.
Most of the missiles were destroyed by the asteroid field. The last batch of missiles fired caused the freighter a hull check of 3+ which it passed. The only missile fired by The Spatcktwula managed to strike the freighter, forcing another hull check at 4+, which it failed. The freighter was destroyed. Experience earned for crewmembers-

  • Attempting encounter: 50
  • Succeeding in mission : +100
  • Overwhelming Success : +50
  • Total 200

Prestige earned for all characters : 200
Spoils of War : 2 barrels of Bio, 1 Erg, 1 Ore

Overwhelming success bonuses

Bonus Luck - Each hero gains a point of bonus Luck that can be saved. When it is used, it is gone. This Luck doesn't replenish.

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