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The Bursar's Log

Mission 1

  • Space/research station next to pulsar has stopped responding, we need to go investigate.
  • Station was experimenting with the tensile fabric of space and time.
  • Clones not activated.
  • Warp in 26 hex off course, spend many days finding our way back to the station.
  • Pulsar hitting ship and station, station is in a stasis field and unaffected.
  • Stasis field being created by a large space-time anomaly that was created by the station/scientists.
  • We shot the anomaly, it vanished, the station then got repeatedly hit by blasts from the pulsar.
  • we boarded using torpedoes and beamed all of the scientists on board our ship.
  • Mercy win.

Mission 2 (Day #1)

  • Named ship: Spatcktwula
  • Upgraded ship in port with:
    • stabilizing fin (1 cargo slot - OOC reduces by 2 each turn instead of 1)
    • Neu. Dampener (1 cargo slot - so cargo doesn't go boom when destroyed)
    • 2 bots (1 marine, 1 engineer)
  • Started in Sol, local prices were: Erg1100, Bio400, Ore600 (BUY 8xBio)
  • Took job to deliver cargo pod to Capitola (Sec.2Sys5.)
  • Jump took 21 days, there was a temporal disturbance, all crew arrived stunned but safe at capitola.
  • Capitola, local prices were: Erg1200, Bio1000, Ore300 (SELL 8xBio)
    • Debt: 55000cr (65000 + 1500 interest = 66500 –> -1500 from profits -10k for mission completion)
    • Mission Profit 18.5k for group (20k -1500 interest payment on ship)
    • Resource profits: YD+1200, Mike+800, Sarah+800, David100, Jason+0

Mission 3 (undecided) Day #26

  • Job #1: Transport barrel of contraband to New Pacifica (1000cr)
  • Job #2: Transport barrel of contraband to Sovereignty (in the Rift - 1000cr + border bonuses)
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