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How the campaign works

How Much For Your Planet?

Day : 215









  • How Much For you Planet? campaigns are different from the earlier versions. They are set after the Galactic Civil War, Pax Galacticum, the Bot Wars and the Pirates of Trundlia. There are sentient Bots now, and you can employ Freebooters as well and include Fungaloid crew members.
  • Start
    • The game starts with the characters being given a Size 6 ship of their choice by a corporation and $2000 spending money. This leaves the group in $75,000 debt. The debt accrues interest every month and if defaulted on too often will mean the ship and all assets are lost. You start with 4 Barrels each of BIO, ERG and ORE in the Cargo Bay under Cargo Netting (this is good for 4 months of travel as fuel and supplies)
    • The crew is a democracy as you're not in the military any more. Everyone gets one vote.
      • There are three officer roles other than regular crew that must be determined amongst the crew-
        • The Captain - breaks voting ties. Commands in emergencies. Facilitates meetings.
        • The Navigator - selects destination (can be over-ruled by the majority vote of the crew) and manages in-flight hyperspace adjustments
        • The Bursar - manages funds, manifests, commodities and ship's logs
  • Ongoing
    • Every campaign turn the company offers you two trade options to go with. Either way you'll most likely come across some random mission as well on the way to make it more interesting than just cargo transport.
    • Your clones are backed up every campaign turn - but if you die it costs $2000 to get a clone sent to the destination port. This comes out of the overall debt.
    • Travel times are generally 1d6 days + 1d6 per hex +1d6 if travelling through The Great Rift. Times can be mitigated with Jump Actions
    • Deliveries are generally rated at 10 days per hex and assume you are making multiple jumps. Each additional jump adds 1d6 days to your journey. Making long jumps tends to incur navigation hazards - roll 2d6 and if it's equal or less than the distance, you get a hazard.
  • Costs
    • At the start of every month, one barrel each of BIO, ERG and ORE must be expended to maintain the ship as fuel and supplies. Otherwise it starts breaking down - BIO = suffering life support damage each mission, ERG = harder to pump engines, ORE = hull damage
    • Every campaign turn interest must be paid on the loan that Jeetoma corporation has graciously provided you. The interest is $50 per day for every $50,000 of debt or fraction thereof (ie at start with $75,000 the interest is $100 per day). Defaulting on payment is not a good idea. You can also pay off the principle if you have enough money. It is up to the crew to decide who pays what percentage of the regular payment.
    • How much a barrel sells/is bought for is based on a 6d6 roll. The highest 2 rolls are ERG, the middle two for BIO and the lowest two for ORE - add the two dice and multiply by $100. If a system produces a particular kind of product type, the buy/sell for it is halved. The prices remain constant for one week.
      • You can see a starmap here, Legend: Grey = ORE producer, Green = BIO producer, Yellow = ERG producer, Black = The Great Rift
  • XP
    • Normally if a delivery goes well against the odds (ie something happens and you overcome it) it's 50xp
    • Encounters that occur during a delivery (distress calls, pirate attacks, contraband patrols) will get you another 50-150xp
    • There is less roleplaying content in this particular campaign than in the others (primarily the Hive and the Furry ones) but to make up for that I'll be awarding extra XP for out of game creativity-
      • Each mission-
        • A Log Entry in character <300 words = 10XP
        • A Log Entry in character >300 words = 25XP
      • Each character-
        • A character background <300 words = 10XP
        • A character background >300 words = 25XP
      • Other suggestions, let me know
    • You get Prestige of the same amount as you get XP. If you die in a delivery you don't get XP and the ship debt goes up by $2,000 to clone you at the next port.
    • To use XP, you spend 100x the next level of a skill to get that skill.
    • To use Prestige, you spend 100x the next rank to go up a level (each level gets you +1 Luck, +1 HP and +1 special ability)
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