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Target #: 11

Base Hit Points: 2 # of Hands: 0 Move: 6

Profession: Pilot

Species: Minutian Alien Ability: Tiny - Carry capacity/2. May use anything you can carry or a battlestation at -3, unless you don't move that phase (in which case, you are assumed to swarm over the item and use it properly). Any number of Minutians may occupy the same space as other species, however you may be attacked as a free action. Alien Ability: Featherweight - Any damage cause only does 1 hit point, the rest is converted to kinetic energy, moving you in a straight line direction of your choice, 1 square/damage. Impacting a wall or moving further than 10 squares you suffer 1 hit point and change direction/keep going in the same direction. Moving through occupied squares this way, you are subject to being freely attacked if it is an enemy.


Hit Points: 5(Athletics+Base+Rank)

Luck: 6 (Rank+5)

Athletics: 2 (Carry Capacity: 10)

Combat: 0 Engineering: 0 Piloting: 4 Science: 0

Experience: 150

Prestige: 150 Credits: 2150


Blast Pistol

Special Abilities

Ace Starship Pilot: +1 to skill checks for advanced maneuvers


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