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Avalomhilly Release Notes

parent_page_gamesboard version 1.1 added a help statement about the space key version 1.2 fixed a Dice problem version 1.3 decided to make the QUIT key RED version 2 SAVE LOAD added version 2.1 Reedit of source Reduced File Siz from 11mb to 1.4mb version 2.2 corrected Pickup bug now it picks up Markers First version 2.4 overview Map added version 2.5 altered help file and added extra help in overview map version 3.0 corrected some minor bugs version 3.1 added Overview Map Select board Location to Jump to version 3.2 Jump to in overview Improved version 3.3 jump in overveiw improved again version 3.4 just a few code updates version 4 found a bug in Picking up pieaces now works fine version 5 Scroll Speed greatly Improved version 6 Impemented a Secret SlowDown for future because of Fasters PCs in the Future just right click by Mark Ainsworth 210665" and the scroll speed will drop" version 7 Just about at Final build decided to make the Dice have dots version 8 Flip counters added few this was a hard one . the file gamecounters.bmp" has an" opposite side flippedcounters.bmp" while holding a counter you can press" control and Flip it COOL! Version 9 Fliped counters now Remain Flipped When you pick up a fliped counter Version 10 Created a 52 card deck for card games. Version 11 added 3 decks of 52 cards, if for example your playing a 10 card game just copy 10 cards 5 times and add not used message! the decks are editable put your own image in Version Twelve added Dice and Card Recording for PBEM Games, use the special dice marker, place it on the map where the action is, now LeftClick it, and record Dice throws and Card Draws! you can now Save and pass the gamesave file in the directory \save\gamesave and everthing reloads version 13 redundant update version 14 startup message

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