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Action Deck

All Action cards are discarded after use.
Deck breakdown-

  • 40% movement
  • 20% item use
  • 20% events
  • 10% gameplay affectors
  • 10% bad cards (traps etc)

Number of CardsNameTypeNotes
Memories of a past lifeEventHuman may choose to attack a Cenobite using a non-Physical statistic
Escape from Hell Event All Humans that were sucked into Hell, including the original victim, come back. Without their skin. They can appear at any of the Leviathan Entry Points, if that tile is empty. They are controlled by their original owners (including the Leviathan player for the first victim). Having no skin reduces their physical statistics to 1 point each. Any other statistic that was at 0, is now at 1.
Resurrection EventA dead Human may come back to life within 2 turns. However their physical statistics must be transferred from their mental and spiritual statistics in order to heal. Any Human in the same tile suffers 1pt of mental damage per turn from the horrible sight.
Vision GameplayYou may look at the cards of a Leviathan player.
Clue GameplayGo through the discarded Action cards and choose one, or draw two new Action cards.
Tome GameplayTransfer any amount of spritual attributes to mental attributes.
Conversion GameplayYou appeal to the humanity of a Cenobite's plaything. One Creature in the same room is now controlled by you. Move it, as well as your character in your own turn.
Think harderEventDouble one mental statistic until your next turn.
Run for your LifeEventDouble your speed until the next turn.
Move 6MovementAdd 6 to your move this turn.
Move 5MovementAdd 5 to your move this turn.
Move 4MovementAdd 4 to your move this turn.
Move 3MovementAdd 3 to your move this turn.
Move 2MovementAdd 2 to your move this turn.
Move 1MovementAdd 1 to your move this turn.
ReloadItemIgnore the first out of ammunition or misfire for a weapon.
Surge of AdrenalineItemAdd 3 successes to any Tipping, Obstacle or Restraint action.
Spilt blood EventFor this turn if any Human, Creature or Skinned Human takes physical damage in the same map tile as a Human corpse - that corpse comes back as a Skinned Human next turn.

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