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Approaches are used to quantify which methods of solving problems you are good at and which you tend to cause complications and trouble.

Moves do not specify an approach to be used with them, you must choose which approach and justify it in the fiction with the Grandfather.

The Nine Approaches

Approaches Attributes grouped with Insight:

  • Hunt 1) - When you Hunt, you carefully track or stalk a target. You might follow a person or discover their location. You might arrange an ambush. You might attack with precision shooting from a distance. You could try to bring your guns to bear in a melee (but Skirmish might be better).
  • Discernment 2) - When you use Discernment, you scrutinise details, interpret evidence, observe the situation and anticipate outcomes. You might gather information, spot telltale signs of trouble before it happens. You might uncover opportunities or weaknesses. You might closely analyze a person to detect lies or true feelings. You could try to spot a good ambush point (but Hunting might be better).
  • Hack 3) - When you Hack, you fiddle with devices and mechanisms. You might create a new gadget or alter an existing one. You might pick a lock, crack a safe, breach the security systems of computers or override their controls. You might disable an alarm or trap or scramble a drone’s control systems to keep it from firing on you.

Attributes grouped with Prowess:

  • Agility 4) - When you use your Agility, you employ dextrous manipulation. You might pick someone’s pocket. You might handle the controls of a vehicle, diving through a canyon to escape a chasing ship or even direct a mount. You might formally duel an opponent with graceful fighting arts. You could try to employ those arts in a chaotic melee (but Skirmishing might be better).
  • Skirmish 5) - When you Skirmish, engage in pitched combat with the intent to harm or neutralize your opposition. You might brawl or wrestle with them. You might hack and slash. You might seize or hold a position in battle. You might storm a barricade or hold a position in battle. You might lay down blaster fire.
  • Skulk 6) - When you Skulk, you move stealthily or without being noticed. You might sneak past security or hide in the shadows. You might lift a cred-stick off a mark. You might sneak up behind someone to attack them by surprise (but Skirmishing might be better).

Attributes grouped with Resolve:

  • Alter 7) - When you use Alter-time, Alter-technologies, magic or rituals, you open your mind to the Spirits flowing throughout existence. You might communicate with a non-sentient species or robot. You could safely handle flux artifacts or remnants of the War that tap directly into alter-time. You might sense unseen danger, or killing intent (though discernment might be better).
  • Command 8) - When you Command, you compel obedience with your force of personality. You might intimidate or threaten to get what you want. You may lead an action with NPCs. You might order people to do what you want (though politic might be better).
  • Politic 9) - When you Politic, you socialize with friends and contacts or influence someone with guile, charm, or argument. You might gain access to resources, information, people, or places. You might make a good impression or win someone over with your charm and style. You might lie convincingly. You might make new friends or connect with the local time natives. You might persuade someone to do what you want. You might argue a case that leaves no clear rebuttal. You could try to trick people into affection or obedience (but command might be better).

Starting Values

The starting value of your attributes is based on your species and will range between +3 and -3. Occasionally you may get a Move that allows an attribute to move outside that range.

Also note - some species have much better attributes than others.

Here's a table to give you some idea when designing your characters, especially if it's a unique transhuman branch, as to how a rating compares to a modern human so you can justify your choices in fiction.

Rating Equivalent On your Character Playbook
-3 Requires regular assistance/devices -3
-2 Debilitating -2
-1 Below standard -1
0 Human average
+1 Athletic Human 1
+2 Highest natural level 2
+3 Augmented with technology 3

Resistance Attributes

These three attributes are the sum of any +1 or -1 you have in its subgroup of approaches. They are exclusively used for the Resist Move.

BitD Hunt
BitD Study & Survey, S&V Study
BitD Tinker, S&V Hack & Rig
BitD Finesse, S&V Helm & Scramble
BitD Skirmish, S&V Scrap
BitD Prowl, S&V Skulk
BitD Attune, S&V Attune
BitD Command, S&V Command
BitD Consort & Sway, S&V Consort & Sway
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