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Here's a list of recommended media that this game is based on and will help any players understand what it's about.


Doctor Who in general, especially the classic series which cared much less for the collatoral damage and consequences after the Doctor left. But specific episodes on which the techonologies and setting of Faction Paradox are based include-


The Eighth Doctor Adventures (EDA) were the founding of the Faction Paradox mythos and since then there have been a dozen more. The key books to read are Alien Bodies for the Faction, The Taking of Planet 5 for the Celestis and Investigators.

Mad Norwegion Press were the first to publish post-EDA Faction books and of those the important ones for this game are Of the City of the Saved and The Book of the War an encyclopedia on the War in Heaven.

Audio Dramas

The 6 BBV audios “The Faction Paradox Protocols” (currently available on Audible) and the 6 Magic Bullet audios “The True History of Faction Paradox”


Any movie with time travel in it


Haribeaux's Sour Mix - Music to read Weapons Grade Snake Oil by

Video Games

Strangely enough the Dishonored games recommended as a touchstone for Blades in the Dark are also recommended for this game - because of the shadow weaponry and dystopian setting. The Doctor Who games are only recommended as an education in how not to make video games. Although if they were able to time travel 10 years before they were made, they would be the peak of game development.

Theme Song

Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders

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