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Crimes Against History

Tomorrow's News

The Future

Agents of the Faction, like the agents of the Great Houses, have occasionally crossed paths with elements from the future of the Homeworld and the Eleven-Day Empire. As it's theoretically impossible for the timeships of the Houses to take their pilots into their own futures - although Faction Paradox has no objection to trying - such encounters are considered to be important, possibly even providential, events. Certain things about the future are therefore known, although the details are horribly vague…

The New Generation

Vast changes take place on the Homeworld after the start of the War. Within decades the 103-Forms become commonplace, and research begins into the possibility of second-generation biological timeships (or third-generation, counting Compassion). And members of the Great Houses are also re-engineered in the face of the conflict. Any member of a House is capable of regenerating his/ her tissue when his/ her body becomes damaged, but new elements are introduced to the reproductive systems so that each regeneration increases the military potential of the body, a practice begun during the Second Wave and soon to become universal. As a result, more and more of the Houses' agents lose their hominid forms altogether and become living, breathing war machines. The first stage is the growth of biological armour, not entirely unlike that worn by the Faction: the final stage is a transformation into something barely recognisable as an organic form at all.

Inevitably, the War King introduces military garrisons on worlds throughout the Spiral Politic. Many of these outposts are disguised, so as not to alert the enemy. In some cases the Houses' soldiers replace individuals already living on those worlds, taking on their forms and living out their lives until such a time as the troops are needed in combat. Cross-dimensional war can be subtle, and on occasion very, very confusing.

The Fall of the Homeworld

Ultimately, the enemy gains so much ground that the Homeworld itself is destroyed, though the exact circumstances remain unclear. By this stage the eight substitute Homeworlds are fully-populated by the ruling Houses' agents, and more cloneworlds are being constructed all the time, but as decoys they're evidently inadequate. The Great Houses begin to realise that they're standing on the brink of extinction, their colonies throughout the continuum struggling for survival, their garrisons gradually turning into survival shelters. It's been noted that despite the instructions of the Presidency which created them, in the future the surviving Homeworlds are in constant contact with each other, the various Houses and caretaker-Houses becoming a united front after the first Homeworld's fall.

However, the final outcome of the War remains unknown. Indeed, in a universe where four-dimension warfare is now considered to be normal, it's possible that there's no such thing as a final outcome.

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