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Relics of the Faction

Some weapons and items have more power than normal. Very much “magic items” and require particularly strong individuals to bond with them. Also, see The Armoury


  • The Grandfather's Knife — The strongest relic. An ordinary knife that was used by the Grandfather to cut off his own arm, removing the prisoner tattoo given him by the Great Houses. The knife includes The Grandfather's shadow. It can only be bonded to a witch who has no shadow. — The Grandfather's Shadow has an infinity of weapons in its arsenal. The Cousin need merely drop what their shadow is holding and they can summon a new weapon appropriate to the battle (even if they don't know what the weapon is. In that case they can work it out very quickly). Unlike other shadow weapons, these can be missile weapons.
    • Addenda: There may be more than one Knife, or multiple subjective timeline versions of itself can exist at the same time (both Cousin Shuncucker and Cousin Justine have bonded with the Knife).


  • Faction Paradox Armour — The ceremonial armor of Faction Paradox is made of the bones of Vampiric Time Lords. The Faction claims that these are the bones of Gallifreyans from an alternate universe where the Time Lords lost the Eternal Wars. Others claim that the contamination happened in this universe during the Eternal War and thus the bones are also derived from the same universe. Official Time Lord history claims that no Time Lord was ever infected with the V-Factor. The Faction Armor could be made of failed experiments in developing Regeneration. Alternately the Armor could be the bones of future Gallifreyans who finally succumbed to the V-Factor in the Immortality Virus.


  • Spectacles of Morlock — Godfather Morlock's shadow spectacles greatly enhance the senses of the wearer. He can peruse the timeline of an animal from its autopsy, listen to the decay rate of the trigger isotope in a fusion bomb or even evaluate the DNA of people he sees.
  • the Sash of Rassilon — Uses stasis halo technology. The person wearing it is capable of surviving in a black hole without being thrown into a parallel universe of antimatter. It also allows the wearer to absorb energy from the Eye of Harmony giving them unlimited regenerative powers. It will also adjust the wearer's biodata to make it easier for them to access the Matrix.
  • the Summoning Shard — A shard of glass that if used to cut the body with specific symbols, allows anyone to contact the Great Houses and/or become a possessed agent or avatar for them.
  • A Shrine — Based on TARDIS technology of the Great Houses and of similar size. The walls are usually covered in circular recesses filled with the skulls of sacrificial victims. Constructed from mathematics rather than matter. Unlike a TARDIS, a Shrine does not contain a control console - but a sacrificial dias on which cult members may perform rituals and sacrifice biomass to commune with the Spirits and control the various powers of the Shrine.
  • A Biodata Sampler — A glove covered in metal, glass tubes and with each finger a hyperdermic needle. Given sufficient penetration a good biomass sample can be taken from any organic being.
  • Rememberance Tank — A tank of unformed biomass that is shaped by memories until it reaches maturity. A form of perceptual immortality.


  • The Doctor's Body — A body which contains unique biodata codes, possibly lost secrets which could tip the balance of power and help Faction Paradox win the war.
  • The Pompii Vault — A thorough collection of Faction biodata codices, biomass chambers and rememberance tanks. Corupted by Sutekh to imprison Osiris.
  • Morlock's Virus — A biodata virus engineered by Godfather Morlock. After infection, the biodata of the victim is changed to make them a member of Faction Paradox (ie their own personal history is rewritten). This virus only affects the time sensitive when they are at a vulnerable stage. For Time Lords - this only occurs when their defences are down during a regeneration.

What is Biodata?

Biodata is the biological link between a living organism and the Time Vortex, which maps out an individual's effect on history. It can be said to be “fate”. Biodata is first referenced in the Doctor Who episode "The Deadly Assassin"

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