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The Multiverse

Our Universe

Normal Space

Hyper Space

The Vortex

Conceptual Space

  • The Matrix
    • The great computer matrix housed on the Homeworld. It can be used to predict the future by simulating the universe. Biodata must be modified by the Sash of Rassilon in order for the President to be able to interface correctly.
  • Mictlan
    • The land of the dead. Where the Celestis reside.

Other Universes

In the Miles Cosmology(1) there are many different universes floating around in a kind of meta-dimensional sea known as Ur-Space“. There are things living in Ur-Space as well, some of whom invaded our universe when it was young and were fought off by the Great Houses. This is known as the Yssgaroth “incident”. In regular parlance - it was the Vampire invasion that the Timelords repelled. See Crimes Against History:Ancient History.” Other universes are NOT parallel universes - nor are they Shadows as they defined in the Amber roleplaying game. Instead they are child universes that share common ancestry. Universes can give birth to other universes. The universes that are close to each other in Ur-Space are ones that tend to be incredibly similar in their development because they share the same Unigenes. Unigenes are similar to Biodata and DNA - a set of inherited traits that determine the development and/or timeline and fate of that universe. The presumption here is that while universes are not living beings as such, there will develop within a universe lifeforms capable of creating new universes. Universes further away in Ur-Space become progressively weird until you get to places where humanoid brains could not function. Universes do not effect each other. The Great Houses regard it as anathema to even think about attempting to contact the Great Houses (or equivalents) in other universes.

  • The City of the Saved
    • This city is outside the universe, between the current universe and the next. Roughly the size of a galaxy and containing parks the size of worlds and special environments the size of solar systems. The city is roofed with a dome that fades from black to white to simulate the day and night cycle. The city contains every subspecies of human that had or ever will live, including humans that were written out of history by the actions of time travellers. After a human dies, they wake up in the city in an ageless invulnerable body that resembles what they most identify themselves as - even if this includes cyberwear or a missing hand. The city is divided into regions where like subspecies or cultures tend to gather together and form an identity.

(1) - mostly taken from Lawrence Miles' essay in his book Dead Romance.

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