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The Great Houses



Each Chapter is organized into several Houses. Each House uses a different genetic core to loom its cousins. This means that members of each house have minor variations in abilities. Gallifreyans who become Investigators for the CIA loose all rank and connection to their colleges. Under the Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey, a member of any House can give up the protection of their House and become the Kithriarch of a new House with a new Chapterhouse and Loom. The founder of a new House carries the title Grandfather. A new loom probably takes over 11 years to produce its first loomling. A Renegade Time Lord traditionally renounces his name and his house.


Of the many Houses there are five or six Founding Houses that date all the way back to the Dark Time. These Houses command significantly more respect than later ones.

House of Fordfarding

House of Blyledge

The House of Blyledge was ancient even before the time of Rassilon. Blyledge is one of the senior houses in the Prydon Chapter of Glorious Gallifrey. The House of Blyledge is an angular small dark building that is older than the hill it sits on. It has a walled garden of silver trees in its center and is within visual sight of the Capitol. Family members often wear blue clothes and thus the House might be a member of the the Cerulean Chapter.

House of Jadedreamers

One of the Houses that predates the Intuitive Revolution. Some of its family were members of the Sisterhood.

House of Lineacrux

The least active of the Founding Houses, known only for their expertise in Gallifreyan history and laws. All of its cousins have the appearance of extremely old and senile Gallifreyans who passively observe society around them. In fact the Lineacrux cousins at some of the most powerful and influential members of Gallifreyan society. Their decrepit appearance is merely an act designed to lull others into ignoring them. They observe and (when consulted) offer their opinion in almost all gatherings of Gallifreyan society.


The oldblood houses are the Founding houses plus the houses created by Rassilon after the Intuitive Revolution.

House of Arpexia

The cousins of this house are Gallifrey's only scientific fundamentalists. They place great faith reason and logic as the solution to all problems and shun emotion. They have been conducting research for research sake for millions of years. This house was responsible for the unstable Babels. They've produced many experimental Time Travel Capsules over the eons, but their technology tends to be over complicated.

House of Catherion

An now extinct House whose chapterhouse is looked after by a caretaker line.

House of Brightshore

A Prydonian House

House of Ixion

This House is located on the edge of the civilized portion of Gallifrey next to a mountain range. Its original Family left during the first Diaspora leaving only a line of caretakers to watch after the House. Millions of years later Morbius chose it as the Headquarters for the Order of the Weal and made one of the caretakers, Chatelaine Thessalia, head of the organization. Its 'cousins' were malcontents from larger Houses who were combat trained. Despite this training most of their duties were administrative. They Loom of Ixion was never used but rumor has it that they tampered with other House's Looms to produced mutants and renegades.

House of Lungbarrow

This Oldblood House was founded in response to the curse and became one of the original five founding houses from the time of Rassilon. The crest of Lungbarrow is two silver leafed trees whose branches reach over and intertwine. 45 cousins are allotted to the house of Lungbarrow. For the most part no Family members come to the House of Lungbarrow, except for Loomings and Tombings. In the last several thousand years it has fallen from favor, with its highest-ranking member holding a title of Ordinal General. About 350 years after the looming of the Doctor, the House was deleted from History for exceed its Loom Quota. It was reinstated 673 years later. The House of Lungbarrow is in the Prydon Chapter. The Lungbarrow Chapterhouse located in the Southern Mountain Ranges, two days walk from Rassilon's Rampart, and overlooks the river Cadonflood. A forest of silver leafed trees stretch from the House to the river Cadonflood at the base of the valley. The House sits halfway up Mount Lung on the west side. Southern Gallifrey is considered quite wild and beutiful. A partial list of the Lungbarrow Cousins The Doctor, Arkhew, Maljamin, Farg, Innocet, Quencessetianobayolocaturgrathadeyyilungbarrowmas (Ordinal-General and 422nd Kithriarch), Satthralope (Housekeeper), Glospinninymortheras ( Cellular Eugenics (CIA?)), Jobiska, Luton, Rynde (Epicural Overseer), Celesia, Almund, Tulgel, Chovor (the Various), DeRoosifa, Salpash Irving Braxiatel claims to be a brother of the Doctor. Owis was the Doctor's Replacment after he was disinherited.

House of Mirraflex

A minor oldblood House that produced most of Gallifrey's generals, enforcers, and strategists. Its cousins are known for being aggressive and ruthless defenders of the Laws of Time. They have nothing but disdain for the Lesser Species. Their Loom was known for being particularly versatile. The House was founded by General Mirraflex after the beginning of the Eternal Wars, who structured it as an esoteric martial lodge.

House of Nechronomancy

Nechronomancers don't believe in the passage of time and don't acknowledge their gender or their names. They've deleted most of the records of their House and are viewed as pariahs among Time Lord society. They are capable altering time states in ways that would be impossible for any other Time Lord. During the War these deep engineers collected Highest Entropy Matter (HEM) from dead time states (where the universe had reached thermal equilibrium and history/time has ceased to flow).

House of Stillhaven

A Prydonian House.

House of Wildthyme

A House in the mountains of Southern Gallifrey.


There are very few Newblood houses (relative to the Older Houses) and their cousins tend to be quite eccentric. All of them were founded no more than 10,000 years before the Doctor was loomed.

House of Dvora

(aka House of Devouring Hounds) The first of the Newblood houses, House of Dvora was created 10,000 years before the looming of the Doctor. Their Cousins view themselves as destined to publicly lead and control. Dvora is the only Newblood House whose power equals the Five Founding Houses. They are ruthlessly practical and open to using violent methods, but strive to appear impersonal and passionsionless. They have seven elite operatives who undertake secret missions for them. Originally part of the Patrex chapter they later became Prydonians. Cousins include: Romanadvoratrelundar, Morbius

House of Lolita

A self founded house by the self created Lolita.

House of Oakdown

This Newblood House is a member of the Prydon Chapter and is one of the most respected and noble Houses on Gallifrey. This House produced the Master.

House of Paradox

This House conducted illegal experiments on Non-Linear Time. The Grandfather also begins to experiment with lesser species reproductive methods and begins wearing the armor of Yssgaroth Time Lords. It was reformed into Faction Paradox and exiled from Gallifey,.

House of Tracolix

A minor Newblood House that is known for subtly trying to exploit every change that occurs in Gallifreyan society. They are arrogant, reckless, and ambitious. Their willingness to follow any passing fashion gives their cousins more versatility then those of other Houses.

House of Xianthellipse

A minor Newblood House known for its understanding of biology and biodata. It is not a member of the Prydon Chapter (i.e. never wears scarlet).


Below the Time Lords are the Plebeian Classes (non Time Lord). This ancillary staff and their families live in the rest of the Capitol. They are Watch guards, technicians, artisans, cleaners, engineers, cooks, and musicians. Mid Town is between the Capitol and Low Town. Low Town is the society of poor that has formed in the foundations of the Capitol. The Low Towners call Time Lords Timeys while the Gallifreyan elite refer to New Age Time Lord dropouts who live in Low Town as Shobogans. These Houses are ruled by a Chatelaine. There are between 3 and 9 million Gallifreyans.

House of Redlooms

The Prydon Newblood House of Redlooms has been producing military Ordinals who serve in the watch for a very long time. It is a family of loyal mavericks who have defeated a dozen Time Lord traitors.

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