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3 seasons of 6 episodes each.


  • Professor Bofo Nebulous
    • Primary Character
    • Mad Scientist that means well
    • Mention of the word “clown” or anything similar to that word triggers a flashback to his clown past.
    • Catchphrases
      • Long sequence of derailments - “… I'm drifting”
      • After past clown flashback - “… I shall not clown, I shall not clown!”, usually followed with derisive comments about his spasms/twitches/grande mal seizure during the flashback.
      • After an unforseen circumstance - “… Exactly as I anticipated/expected, [metaphor for not anticipating/expecting]”
  • Paula Breeze
    • Assistant
    • Obsessed with Nebulous
    • Catchphrases
      • Anything leading to hugs/kisses/inappropriate touching
  • Rory Lawson
    • Assistant
    • Obsessed with slacking off
    • Catchphrases
      • “… Bollocks, sir.”
  • Harry Hayes
    • Researcher
    • Brain in a jar with possibly other body parts
    • Catchphrases
      • After any mention of a body part - “UNLIKE YOU, PROFESSOR, I NO LONGER HAVE THE LUXURY OF [Insert bodypart of choice here]”
  • Sir Ronald Rowlands
    • Minister with Unusual Portfolio (responsible for KENT)
    • Catchphrases
      • After being asked for any kind of help - “I'd like to do what I can, but afraid I can't.”
  • Gemini
    • AI/computer of KENT
    • Absent minded
    • Narrator/Exposition on occasion
    • Catchphrases
      • Speaks in the third person
  • Professor Klench
    • Nemesis
    • Evil Mad Scientist
    • Catchphrases
      • After mention of an action - “… to death.”


  1. Introduction, usually defining the symptoms of the problem
  2. Travel and/or Investigation
  3. Clown flashback
  4. Confrontation with the antagonist
  5. Climax
  6. Consequences

Key Scenes

These scenes tend to crop up every episode-

  • Clown flashback
  • Harry in agony complaining about a lack of a body part
  • Paula obsessing over the professor
  • Questioning Gemini in KENT HQ on details about the case
  • The KENT laundry service
  • The destruction of the Isle of Wight
  • Setting building of a post-Withering world (the changes or what was lost)
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