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Heraldic Art

The Blazons

Romenard Sable embattled chief tenn+? , three feathers argent
Raracas Argent a lozenge gules
Kialton Vert, a bar argent, a wolf proper carbouched
du Plessey Or, three gouttes gules
Robsart Tenn+? a chevron argent, a ram's head azure guardant
Fromont Per fess gules and vert, an owl or
Furmenglaive Argent quartered azure, falcon proper and sword paleways
Miles of Furmenglaive Quarterly; 1st, Argent, a horse rampant, proper, 2nd and 3rd, Azure, a sword paleways, 4th, Argent, a falcon proper


Rules of Tincture Argent - White or Silver, a metal Azure - Blue, a colour Gules - Red, a colour Or - Yellow or Gold, a metal Purpure - Purple, a colour Sable - Black, a colour Tenn+? - Brown or Orange, a colour Vert - Green, a colour

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