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Elven Language

Names for dates


Elven Translation Human
Narvinye - January
Nenime Watery February
Sulime Windy March
Viresse - April
Lotesse in Blossom May
Narie Sunny June
Cermie - July
Urime Hot August
Yavannie Giver of Fruits September
Narquellie Sun Waning October
Hisime Misty November
Ringare Cold-day Shuddering December


Elven Human
Tuile Spring
Laire Summer
Yavie Autumn
Hrive Winter

Days of the week

Elven Translation Human
Elenya Starsday Saturday
Anarya Sunday Sunday
Isilya Moonday Monday
Alduya Treesday Tuesday
Menelya Heavensday Wednesday
Earenay Seaday Thursday
Valanya Valarsday Friday

Elven Names

Names are usually quite long and made up of different parts. Usually they are-
Personal name, race name, family name, titles and honourifics.
Family names are not Tolkein Elvish (Quenyan or Sindarin).

Here is the list of all Elven Family Names


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