By Peter "Curufea" Cobcroft

Inspired by Atlas Games' Lunch Money



Set #1 (6mb PDF) - Print this document four times.

Set #2 (4mb PDF) - Print this document twice.

Set #3 (7mb PDF) - Card backs (optional) Print this document four times.


Main Rules (400k PDF) - see errata below

200k PDF - One page rules summary (optional)

Gameplay Aids

(100k PDF) - Special Attacks summary (optional)


The Two Handed Axe may Flurry of Blows.

Designer Notes

This game is based on the Dark Ages and my experiences in a re-enactment group for that period.

The sole reason for one of the Special Attacks being called Flurry of Blows is because the Monk archetype seriously annoys a GM friend playtester - and not because I believe that anything in the D20 system is ever worth emulating in any way.

This game has been years in development and playtesting. Mostly due to laziness :) I was going to have this game published and make money from it, but that - naaah.