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A type of Component describing a place. Locations are one of the first things that must be Established in any scene for 1 Coin.

  Ballroom, The A vast stately human affair, 17th Century England meets 19th Century Russia with a sprinkling of French je ne sais quoi thrown in for good measur… , ,
  Hell House Owner: Luci Ferre (Species unknown) Status: Inter-dimensional nexus of portals to eight different realms. Hell house is said to be a real house th… , ,
  In charge of the madhouse Ever since the noted highborn dilitante and alchemist, Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton was placed as the governor of Wormwood Scrubs, the p… , , ,
  Living Road, The It is a curious temporal and spatial anomaly that appears to display the characteristics of sentient life. The anomaly appears as a road junct… , ,
  Lyonesse An entire self contained, self supporting city beneath the sea. From algae farms to children's nurseries - it's a brave new world. The Blight does no… , ,
  Plague Ship Midnight: the harbour docks are quarantined. A mysterious ship autodocked. The ocean liner Orpheus, in from its last stop in scandinavia arrived u… , , , ,
  Shadow Bridge A nexus of possible pathways between the shadow dimensions and the main bubble of reality. The Bridge appears at first as a vast network of possi… , ,
  The Will A sentient vampire (or murderous psychotic) has hit upon a great scheme to acquire food at semiregular intervals. Pretending to be the rich great unc… , , ,
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