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Blood on the Streets supplement Scenarios

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Standard Scenarios




Gang War

One Night in Mega-City One

Scrawl War

Sector Sweep

Street Rumble

Turf Grab

Justice Department Scenarios

Save the Informant


To Protect and Serve

Brit-Cit Justice Department Scenarios

Bribe Fine Collection

Thin Blue Line

The Kettle

Citi-Def Scenarios

Weapons Test


Area Denial

Street Gang Scenarios

Pick a Fight

Our Turf

Spug Off!

Ape Gang Scenarios

Take the Heights

Not Just Bananas

Stick it to the Pinkies

Mobster Scenarios


Sleep With the Fishes

Mob War

Fattie Stampede Scenarios

Rights for Fats

Food Raid

Break Out From Fat Camp

Cursed Earth Desperado Scenarios

Scrap Haul

Fort Apache


East Meg Invasion Force Scenarios

Bunker Buster


Not One Step Back

Apocalypse War Resistance Unit Scenarios

Deny Junction

Destroy Arms Cache

Airborne Assault

Sky Surfer Gang Scenarios

Supersurf Trials

Snatch and Grab

Death From the Sky


Lone Vigilante Scenarios

Apprehend the Criminal Mastermind

Protect the Decent

Save the City

Angel Gang Scenarios

Cursed Earth Treasure

Free the Angels

Revenge of the Angels

Dark Judges Scenarios

Death Returnsss

The Crime isss Life

The Coming of Death

Chief Judge Cal’s Personal Retinue Scenarios

Hunt the Traitor

Am I Not Without Mercy?


Zombie Horde Scenarios

The Zombie Apocalypse Cometh

Desperate Last Stand


Demonic Cabal Scenarios

Place of Power

Oh, Cripes!

The Blackest Book of Doom

Renegade Robot Scenarios

Power Drain

The Droid You’re Looking For

Scrap Parts

The Judda

Port and Run

Twisted Judges

The Lost Judda

Mechanismo Strike Force

Beach Head

Stronghold Assault

Vermin Eradication

Klegg Invasion Force

Behold the Hordes of Klegg!

Terror and Submission

Slicey-Slicey, Oncey-Twicey

The ABC Warriors

Hostage Rescue

Blackblood’s Revenge

Ending of Evil

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