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TAG: legend

  Armitage Reginald Shank, Esq, in The Waking Horror of Luggor Eleven On Luggor Eleven an ancient evil awakens and takes civilians. Shank gathered his team and … , ,
  Eight and the Lost World Rescued from slavers, Eight is caught up in a space pirate attack. Escaping in a pod, she finds herself on a strange and unknown world… ,
  Jon Hector's Digital Revenge! Fleeing from the decadent ex-Old Imperium world Omicron Persei 8, Jon crashes the Big Boss's Bank. * Eight gathered the knowle… ,
  Kaine in: The Maltese Penguin “A simple job: locate a perp, take 'em down, scan for their access codes, get into a fortress and recover a file. Then I could ha… ,
  The Heist! The biggest heist of Richter's career, it all went off without a 7hitch. Meticulously planned, perfectly timed, he breezed past the alarms and score… ,
  Xiao Ling versus the Robot Race - in The Long Shot Xiao Ling alters the odds to convince the Robot army leader that their crusade against the primitive planet … ,