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  05 Running the Game running index rules grandfather ,
  06 The Grandfather The premise of the Faction and its founding is the Grandfather Paradox - so named for the time travel paradox of killing your own Grandfathe… , ,
  Agenda and Principles Players and the Grandfather have agendas and principles to follow. They help enable this game to played in the manner it is intended and … , , ,
  Fixing Doctor Who Episodes There are some good and not so good episodes produced for TV. A great use of the Faction is to improve bad episodes by adding a lay… ,
  Scenario Creation The PCs in general will be given missions to do by their bosses. What those missions are depends on which Coterie Playbook they have. Much li… ,
  Source Material Many of the Faction Paradox novels, short stories and audios can be adapted into scenarios playable with a coterie of PCs. Initiation Sever… ,
  The Grandfather "Aeons in the past, on a planet very near the centre of the galaxy, ancient automatic defence systems spontaneously activated themselves, an… ,