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  All Part of the Plan Spend 2 Gambit to negate the damage of any attack. moves parent faction , ,
  Better Lucky than Good When you are out of options and on your last chance, roll with no approach modifier without pushing or invoking the spirits. * On a 1… , ,
  Dissociate Whenever those around attract Malevolence you don't think you are a part of: * On a 10+, you are just a bystander to the great works and receiv… , , ,
  Entropic Shift Requires: Umbraception For a stress cost based on size (to be determined by the Grandfather) you may shift an object into shadow, negating its … , ,
  Everyone of Possible Import Beings, characters and even objects both sapient, sentient or even non-. To be added to your game as you see fit or left adrift un… , ,
  Faction Knowledge When you Spout Lore about Faction topics such as historical paradoxes, Great House figures, temporal weapons or armour, take +1. moves facti… ,
  Faction Paradox " The only House to have left the Homeworld en masse and defied every protocol of the ruling Houses just for the sake of it. In the years le… , , ,
  Gambit When you or someone in your coterie takes damage from an outside source, it was part of your plan the whole time, gain +1 Hold. What some might see as a… , , ,
  Lethal Gambit You can spend 3 Gambits to double the Harm of anyone's attack. moves parent faction , ,
  Metaphrase You are familar with the Faction techniques to perceive the semantic import behind any sentient culture. You understand every language spoken and w… ,
  Misdirection When you have an enemy's attention, you can spend 2 Gambits to let an ally make a free attack (as if they rolled a 10+) against the enemy. moves … , ,
  Motivation When you rally your allies in the midst of a mission, spend 1 Gambit. Your allies can ignore the effects of a single debility (their choice) until t… , ,
  Playing the Long Game At the end of a battle (or when it makes sense) and your Gambit count would reset to 0, you can keep 1 Gambit instead. moves parent fact… , ,
  Reverse the Polarity Whenever using a technology unknown to you: * On a 10+, it works without problems * On a 7–9, it works once, but it breaks. Only an… , , ,
  Risky Gambit When you tell an ally to do something obviously dangerous and they are put in a spot, gain +1 Gambit. moves parent faction , ,
  Ritualist You may invoke the Spirits and seek their help. Chant at least a four line ritual of invocation and roll * On a 10+, they are nearby, attentive a… , ,
  Shadow Dance Requires: Umbraception For 1 stress per minute you may have your shadow detach and follow simple instructions (it's not completely under your con… , ,
  Sombras Que Corta The Shadows That Cut are the signature weapon of the Faction. When a Cousin is inducted they undergo the binding ritual which bonds a weapon … , , , ,
  Technical Savant You have an inherent knowledge of machines and tech. When you spend some time studying a piece of equipment, roll * On a 10+, ask 2. * O… , ,
  The Cult Of Celebrity Death Celebrities that became members of the Faction setting participant faction tier4 , , ,
  The Eleven-day Empire "Let's be honest: it's the stupid questions in life that get the best answers. For example, here's some history for you. See what you ma… ,
  The North Los Angeles Cabal The predecessor of Faction Hollywood setting participant faction tier4 , , ,
  The Red Burial 500 Russian ghosts used to defend the Thirteen-Day Republic setting participant faction tier4 , , ,
  The Rump Parliament Faction members in the City of the Saved setting participant faction tier4 , , ,
  The Shelley Cabal setting participant faction tier4 , , ,
  The Thirteen-Day Republic setting participant faction tier4 , , ,
  The Whole History of Everything One of the many possible timelines. Feel free to use as much or as little as you need, it's primarily here to add inspiration … , , ,
  The Wild Hunt By this action, I remove myself from my blood; I deny my own past; I do whatever I must; so help me. By this intention, I remove myself from my… , , , ,
  Umbraception Requires : Witchblood, Homeworlder or it can be taken as an Advanced Move For 1 stress you may use proprioception on your shadow. You sense and m… , ,