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  05 The Coterie The coterie is the collection of protagonists that includes the player characters. They all share a common Coterie Playbook which tracks collec… , ,
  Architectural Usurpation The interface between the shrine and the place it materialises in manifests as a typical door in a structure that has other doors and … , ,
  Bigger on the Inside There are enough rooms for it to be mistaken for a mansion (or larger) moves coterie shrine timeship , , ,
  Blood rites The controls only work for members of the Faction or time sensitives (such as witchbloods) using the correct rituals . This includes using the bio… , ,
  Isomorphic Controls The controls only work for the owner of the Timeship you must Reverse the Polarity versus Tier 5 whenever you want it to do something, incl… , ,
  Metatime Metatime is the concept, often portrayed on television or other media, that the protagonists have their own functional timeline irrespective of any ti… ,
  Protection of the Spirits The Spirits guide the shrine when correctly invoked, and also care for their worshippers. Any defensive actions within the shrine by… , ,
  Shapeshifting The outside of the ship may look like anything, only limited by the physical need to be able to enter and exit. moves coterie timeship , ,
  State of Grace Tier 3 weapons and below do not function onboard moves coterie timeship , ,