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  Albert "Albi" Kardde Lower Class Neo-Victorian Criminal Gender Male Age 24 Hair Blond Eyes Brown Airship The The Wilde Karrde Schtick Smugglers (… , ,
  [Characters - Notable personages and their past adventures] Characters Players * Albert "Albi" Karrde, thief, scallywag and captain of the The Wilde Karrde… , , ,
  Darcy Midnight Gadgeteer Gender Male Age 26 Hair Black Eyes Grey Airship The Wilde Karrde Schtick Smugglers (mostly) Background Back story in d… , ,
  Deck Building With the help of Lucy Devereux, Albert Karrde forged papers and identities to get passage aboard an airship to leave the Change Cage city of [tba…
  [Misc - Everything else] Miscellaneous Props * The Wilde Karrde - The airship Links Handy tools for GMs and Players Random Generators * Multiple gene… , ,
  Plot Points Albert Karrde * Trevor the upper class Neo Victorian that took Albert's brother's land and home from him and had him murdered. * Lucy Devereux…
  [Sessions - Current adventures] Sessions * Treasure Hunt * Part I: Enter the Lion (25/5/12) * Part II: The Lightning Horse of the Neo Bedouin (1/6/12)… ,
  [Setting - All about the places in post-apoc Earth] Setting * Questions on the Campaign * World Building Questions - just some stuff I thought might be he… ,
  Treasure Hunt Back to Sessions ---------- Setting: just outside of {insert city name here I've forgotten} Part I: Enter the Lion * Setup * The {mayor?… , , , ,
  World Building Questions Some ideas on how each player can contribute to building a world. It's all about relationships and broad strokes that the GM or playe… ,