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 +======The Era of Play======
 +{{parent page=RulesVersailles}}
 +The year is 1745.  King Louis XV (The Beloved) at 35 years of age has been in power for two years now.  During his minority, after his grandfather King Lous XIV (The Sun King) died in 1715, Philippe, Duc d'Orl+¬ans became Regent.  However, after the Regency ended in February 1723 with the King achieving his legal majority, Philippe who had just replaced Cardinal Dubois (who died in August) as prime minister, was struck down by apoplexy in December.  After some political intriguing, Fleury, the rather elderly former tutor of the King became Regent and extended the Regency until he died in 1743.
 +At this time there are around 23 million people in France.  The main tax to the crown is called the //Taille// and is calculated as either a //personnelle// which is based on the estimated income of of the noble, or a //r+¬ele// which is based on the amount of land they hold.  There are a number of direct taxes as well that irritate the general populace, including //capitation, vingti+¬me// (which is a 5% of income tax and has occasionally be levied more than once on a person), //gabelle// (salt tax) and //aides// for excise duties.
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