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 +====== The Heist! ======
 +The biggest heist of [[Dirk Richter|Richter'​s]] career, it all went off without a 7hitch. Meticulously planned, perfectly timed, he breezed past the alarms and scored the prize - but at the last, he was betrayed. ​ Broke and on the run, one day he would get even.
 +  * [[Xiao Ling]] was running security - the betrayer alerted her to Dirk and she set the guards on him. Xiao admired Dirk's skills, and bears no hard feelings.
 +  * [[Armitage Reginald Shank, Esq.|Armitage]] saved Dirk from the bounty hunters, and recognising his innate goodness and need for redemption, recruited him to the team.
 +  * [[starblazer:​eric_carson|Carson]] healed Dirk to full strength - and therefore feels some responsibility for his future actions.
 +  * [[Kaine]] spirited Richter to safety during his convalescence.
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