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 +====== Book Creator ======
 +The bookcreator plugin allow to select some pages from wiki and export to create a little book PDF or text.
 +It does require cookies enabled on your browser.
 +The button on the top right of the header for a page "​**Select/​Deselect Page for Book**"​ allows you to choose which pages in the Starblazer wiki you want compiled together.
 +You will see them on this page-
 +On the list of selected pages, You can use drag and drop to change the order, save your selection for restore in a second time or share with other users. ​
 +You can-
 +  * Reset your selection
 +  * Exclude a page from the selected list
 +  * View the excluded pages and “include” them back
 +  * Create a PDF book of selected pages
 +  * Create a printable version of selected pages
 +  * Extract only text of selected pages
 +  * Drag and drop to change exporting order of page
 +  * Set a title for the PDF document
 +  * Save and restore selections on a specific namespace
 +This is an upgrade (and replacement for) the plugin that lets you save just one page as a time as a PDF
 +===== =====
 +Return to [[starblazer:​starblazer_adventures_the_book]]

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