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 +====== No Jump for You ======
 +**Setting:​** [[starblazer:​planets:#​samarkand|Samarkand]]
 +===== Part I : Dirt nap =====
 +  * Cops turn up to inspect the Lady Jane
 +  * Hector hides Trevor, the fusion bomb (now named) and the smuggler database
 +  * Tyler attempts to bribe the cops, it doesn'​t go well
 +  * The cops want to take the crew planet side and possibly do nefarious things, as admitted by the cops on board who feel the charges currently appear bogus
 +==== Quotes ====
 +  * On the datastick full of the entire smuggling database \\ Hector: It's not a datastick it's a suppository
 +===== Part II : Run, Fly, Dive =====
 +  * Assassination attempt
 +  * Shots fired outside the Sector House
 +  * Tyler grabbed a high powered sniper rifle and ran off
 +  * Dirk may have the death penalty here
 +  * Lawyer was shoved back in the police station - lawyer was sent by O2STK when we asked them for help.
 +  * Jason strips
 +  * Jedi is kept for questioning and shown security footage of the incident outside
 +  * Planet is highly surveilled with smart systems and AIs monitoring cameras. ​ The assassin was exploiting known problems with the system
 +  * The assassins were receiving special coded signals via an exclusive media subsciption service
 +  * With Hector'​s help, Dirk breaks into the morgue and steals the dead assassin'​s brain
 +  * Hector hooks up the brain to the signal to see what happen
 +  * Darwin Tindal is a media mogul that employs Aaron Micah (who was convicted of using VR torture)
 +  * We drive a flying car to the window of the apartment of Aaron, break though and kidnap him,
 +  * To distract the police, Dirk flings himself off the aircar.
 +==== Quotes ====
 +  * Stream-a-murder
 +  * Pate - a Flaherty
 +===== Part III: Party Animals =====
 +  * Dirk lands on the windshield of the police aircar and is being checked out
 +  * Tyler ditches the rifle and makes mental contact with Khaine (eventually)
 +  * Dirk is taken to a hospital, and runs like blazes before the cops find out who he is.
 +  * Hector muddies the recorded biometrics of Dirk so that a larger percentage of the population registers as Dirk, so the AIs can't find him too easily.
 +  * Tyler re-finds his rifle  * Tyler is very psychically well endowed, and Kaine is very receptive.
 +  * Kaine want's Tyler to bring the sniper rifle so he can touch it
 +  * Kaine goes to meet Tyler. ​ Gets a psychometric reading from the gun.
 +  * The IT guy placed the gun that the assassin used.
 +  * Kaine notices that Tyler isn't looking very well
 +  * Hector interrogates the ITguy and finds out it is his boss that designates targets.
 +  * Kaine investigates and finds the public accessible schedule of Darwin Tindal in the hopes of getting Tyler in to touch him and read his mind.
 +  * Hector arranges an anonymous discretionary fund account from O2STK via the lawyer so Tyler can go to the networking meeting in style
 +  * Kaine, Tyler and Hector go to the party in a stylish sports car and a couple of escorts
 +  * IT guys communicator goes off, Dirk dumps it into a passing truck
 +  * Darwin eventually comes in, looking a bit frazzled by the recent kidnapping.
 +  * Tyler mindscans him finding he has a controlling personally set on killing Tyler
 +  * Hector scans Darwin for incoming signals controlling him - none found, but it does appear that part of his brain is acting as an ancient brain
 +  * Tyler tempts Darwin up to the roof to attempt to attempt to kill him
 +  * Darwin goes up with two bodyguards - Kaine and Hector follow up behind
 +  * A huge TV in front of Tyler shows the face that dominates Darwin'​s controlling personality
 +  * All the AIs focus on the people on the roof
 +===== Part IV:  Previously On...=====
 +  * Folk opened fire on the roof.  The AI security flagged us as high level terorists.
 +  * As a consequence,​ several tactical response teams opened fire on our position.
 +  * I went into maintenance tubes and found a dead spot in the security systems.
 +  * Dirk convinced Tyler to jump of the roof, where he was caught by the anti-suicide nets
 +  * Then folk ran away through the sewers
 +  * Hector writes a program to mask himself from the AIs
 +  * They were talking to the police.
 +  * Hector tracks them down to a city size tower for custom. ​ Not sure why they went in there.
 +===== Part V: And Now... =====
 +  * Dirk and Tyler enter the office of a senior beurocrat at the customs office. ​ Dirk suspects the receptionist was being controlled by an AI
 +  * Tyler tries to get inside the her head, only to find he's blank inside - it's a trap for psychics
 +  * Tyler argues the case that the group is not prone to violence and destruction and the receptionist should not be after them.
 +  * Dirk sidles off to snoop around.
 +  * Tyler argues that our organisation is manipulating us without our consent, and we are resentful.
 +  * The receptionist monologues about her plans and the dubious manipulative nature of O2STK and suggests they use probabilities to plan operations.
 +  * Dirk triggers an alarm.
 +  * Tyler mind zaps the receptionist who faints
 +  * Hector changes the alarm to a smoke alarm, most of the AIs are fooled. ​ However some AIs think its suss and send security. ​ Hector makes it look like  one of the other drones in the room was hacking the security.
 +  * Tyler leads the way out to the server room, where he's pretty sure where the controlling force was located that was controlling the receptionist.
 +  * Tyler turns off the coolant to the server room, but the entity (in a nearby drone) says it won't help - it's only hiding here, not trapped here.  Dirk calls Hector in to help find a possible Lovecraft Chip in the server room.
 +  * The drone convinces Tyler to shoot himself. ​ He stuns himself
 +  * Dirk decks the drone.
 +  * Hector removes an Ancient Tech device from the servers
 +  * Dirk draws Tyler'​s gun and shoots a drone with it
 +  * Hector gets Dirk to shove the server out the window, where it is caught by the suicide net.  Hector leaps out after it
 +  * Security guards turn up and tell everyone to hit the ground.
 +  * Dirk and Tyler leap out - Tyler passes out halfway down.
 +  * 3 Medtechs and a psych have been sent to deal with the multiple attempted suicides.
 +  * Hector starts to drift off the net.  Dirk tries hurling them back towards the building.
 +  * Hector realises the server was drawing the energy from the net to kill us. Dirk kicks it off the ledge and it hits the next net.
 +  * We take the lift - the paramedics question us as to why we jumped. ​ Dirk deceives them into believing the security team upstairs went mad and opened fire on us.
 +  * We get checked out in the large elevator on the way down with lots of folk
 +  * Hector changes the elevator to express to the ground. ​ Folk complain, Hector assures them its the untrustworthy AIs
 +  * Hector comandeers an aircar and skilfully drives it under the falling server. ​ Dirk helps manhandle the heavy, growing, spiky thing into the car.
 +  * It starts to take over the car and Dirk shoves it off onto the ground.
 +  * The crew search for some cable to drag it by
 +  * We drop it in the ocean away from settlements
 +  * The media reports several high level officials going missing, terrorist acts and the AIs report 4 suicides
 +  * Tyler contacts [[Inon]] about her weapon that destroys Horrors and convinces her with vast sums of money. ​ He gives her information on where it is so she can shoot it.
 +  * She comes down in disguise and meets us.  We escort her towhere the server is
 +  * While [[Inon]] destroys it, Tyler gets information out of it - it's a splinter of something from a war and only recently awoke after receiving a signal. ​ It feeds on suffering.
 +==== Quotes ====
 +  * My default rule is - when all else fails, go wth the plan of the guy with the most fate points.
 +  * Ancient tech is immortal Barbie - beyond mortal ken
 +  * He has a name you know - Trevor. ​ He gets angry when people just call him "the fusion bomb"​. ​ You wouldn'​t like him when he's angry.
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