Jon Hector's Digital Revenge! [Curufea]
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 +====== Jon Hector'​s Digital Revenge! ======
 +Fleeing from the decadent ex-Old Imperium world [[starblazer:​planets:#​omicron_persei_viii|Omicron Persei 8]], [[Jon Hector|Jon]] crashes the Big Boss's Bank.
 +  * [[Eight]] gathered the knowledge to allow this to occur.
 +  * Tapped for his expertise, Jon hired [[Dirk Richter|Richter]] to get him into the BBB's main computer centre.
 +  * [[Kaine]] had also infiltrated the data centres during his investigations into the shadowy crime syndicate. ​ Kaine supported Hector from the background - as the enemy of his enemy was his friend.
 +{{tag>​Jon_Hector legend}}

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