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 +====== War Witches of the Blitz======
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 +=====Part 1: Air Raid=====
 +  * The Right Honourable Doctor Georgina Slade (of the Suffolk Slades), has a sidekick (chauffer)
 +  * Investigating psychosurgery at a mental institution, came across an ex-army person who had his face changed and mind changed
 +  * Finnegan working/near MOD
 +  * Mr White is hunting Nazi spies in London - unofficially
 +  * Ravi spots a sorcerer of a heretical religion
 +  * Georgina was requested to investigate an unusual murder scene in a hotel near the MOD
 +  * The scene looks like a bomb site, but without the smells associated with a bomb
 +  * The victim wore a high ranking MOD uniform and was working on some papers.  The briefcase found on the scene was riffled through before the bomb went off
 +  * The victim was torn apart by the force of the explosion, there was no shrapnel damage
 +  * Finnegan was called in to meet a friend,, the civil authorities wanted someone to come in and identify the body
 +  * Mr White spots a cagey Brit likely selling secrets to the Nazis and starts following him
 +  * The traitor doesn't find his contact, but is desperate to hand over his briefcase, so gives it to the person he sees there, whom happens to be Ravi
 +  * The lights go out and someone starts shooting.  Shots are exchanged, but no one is hit
 +  * The lights come back on, the briefcase is missing and Ravi interrogates the traitor
 +  * The traitor was hypnotised.  Ravi breaks it, which causes him to go unconscious
 +  * Finnegan determines that there were only three people in the world capable of the kinds of harmonic technology used to create the explosion.  And sets off to make inquiries in George's car, which  is unfortunately stopped by a blocked road
 +  * An air raid siren goes off and people start filing into the tube station
 +  * Various technicians  try to some Timothy (George's driver) from proceeding as there is an unexploded bomb ahead.  They direct them to the nearest tube station to seek shelter
 +  * Finnegan and George meet White and Ravi
 +  * One of the little old ladies serving tea mentions to George that the shelter is protected - no one has been killed who has ever sheltered here
 +  * George using smelling salts on the traitor and begins vigorously questioning him
 +  * The man's name is Charles III and gives a very thorough description of an attractive woman who probably hypnotised him and she gave him the briefcase
 +  * All the spy talk begins to worry the crowd in the tube station
 +  * Charles describes the briefcase and that it had the monogram AWG
 +  * George recalls that Lord Greenswood has a new wife who is a red head
 +  * A distressed woman has lost her son, Jimmy who is blond, freckled and dressed as a scout.  George helps out by organising a search for him and offering chocolate to those that find him
 +  * As the other scouts present help search and begin to go down tunnels,  Finnegan accompanies them
 +  * They start to hear chanting, the boys suspect witches.  Finnegan tries to calm down
 +  * There is a bunch of women in a group chanting.  One of them passes out and the rest keep chanting.  There is a flicker of resonance when it happens
 +  * Jimmy appears to be in the middle of the circle of the women, unconscious
 +  * Finnegan sends a scout back to bring the rest of the group there
 +  * The witches stop after the air raid and explain they were protecting the area from bombs
 +  * Ravi attacks the leader when finding out they were using a child as a focus
 +  * The leader is the red head who starts casting a spell
 +  * There is an explosion and she runs
 +  * White and George are knocked to the ground harshly by the explosion.  Ravi and Finnegan weren't bothered at all.
 +===== Part 2: Underground Chase=====
 +  * Mr White - stealth changed to deceit.  Hunted by Nazi to hunting Nazis.
 +  * Ravi and Finnegan pursue the coven leader (Morgan) who runs off
 +  * George starts looking after all the unconscious women, one of whom is in a coma
 +  * Morgan appears to know where she is going and is using a light  to see the way
 +  * The tube around Ravi and Finnegan appears to be about to fall down
 +  * Ravi sees Alec in the tunnels - his shard is glowing
 +  * Alec greets Ravi
 +  * The boy used in the ritual wakes up, and behaves as though he was drugged
 +  * Morgan is needed to wake up the woman in a coma (Mary)
 +  * Finnegan argues that using the boy for the spell was illegal and George should talk to the authorities about Morgan and the witches
 +  * Ravi and Alec walk into a vast chamber with stalactites and stalagmites.
 +  * The chamber is full of people with painted faces (Fae)
 +  * They start reacting to Alec
 +  * Ravi realises that Alec is astral projecting
 +  * Alec is invited to dance which he starts doing
 +  * None of the people talk, but their painted faces show a lot of expression
 +  * Ravi loses Morgan in the crowd but knocks some sense into Alec, forcing his astral body to depart back to his physical body
 +  * Ravi tries to leave, but then noticed and unmasked woman - someone from the coven, who is dancing with a fae.  Apparently their leader
 +  * Alec wakes up in his own body, with an aching shard
 +  * //Alec Travellian versus the ethical uses of drugs//
 +  * Next to where he wakes up is a glass of water and a bowl of strawberries
 +  * A middle aged Hungarian woman greets Alec and asks him if he's been travelling
 +  * George goes to the hospital with the man with memory problems
 +  * She is dragooned into helping out with the patients.  Timmy the driver also helps.  She gets stuck there until morning.
 +  * George injects the chap with sodium pentathol to get the truth out of him
 +  * He apparently started thinking about having an imaginary wife when he met Morgan Greensword
 +  * He starts talkng in Gaelic - reciting some kind of ritual magic.
 +  * He also describes a contact who was definitely a Nazi
 +  * The fae lord asks Ravi for payment for passage
 +  * Ravi grabs him on the face and explodes
 +  * He flies across the room, mask shredded.  The girl screams and Alec appears where the fae lord was
 +  * Ravi seeks a safe path and follows Alec back to his physical body
 +  * The fae speak a Truth as they leave - You'll pay for what you stole
 +  * Mr White sees Madame Istara in the waiting room.  She was seeking Ravi who hadn't come home.  White lets her know that he hadn't come into the hospital while he's been there and that he was last seen in an explosion at the tube station during the last bombing raid
 +  * Ravi wakes up in wreckage - in the exploded tube station
 +  * Alec gets to a train platform where there is a Turkish woman that recognises him
 +  * During Alec's waffling, Ravi wanders up from the depths of the tube station
 +  * Alec is in London looking up theosophical societes, and talking to Elstree studio on behalf of his own studio
 +  * George goes to visit Morgan.  She's not at home, but his lordship invites us in
 +  * He starts talking, although apparently dead, telling everyone that he must be stopped before he collapses, inanimate
 +===== Part 3: =====
 +===== Part 4: Energy Release=====
 +  * Everyone but Mr White is in Ravi's room
 +  * The God Hecate is there
 +  * There is a massive drawing in of power to Morgan
 +  * Ravi tries to discover her hearts secret.
 +  * Sally Jones has gone missing - possibly in the fairy world
 +  * Mr White follows a relative of Lady Greensword, who happens to be a Nazi sorcerer.  He meets with a man wearing a wooden mask in a restaurant where they have a heated discussion.  The man in the mask gestures.  They talk about re-acquiring the woman.  Mr White follows the man in the mask
 +  * Achmed turns up at Ravi'
 +  * Lady Georgina asks Finnegan to contact the Ministry to activate an air raid siren in order to have the witch coven get together to find them  quickly.
 +  * Finnegan remotely triggers the siren with his machine made out of forks, redirecting the energy from the priestess
 +  * A handsome middle eastern man turns up - the mummy that now works for Bast
 +  * Ravi asks Kat if the mummy is trustworthy enough to have the priestess' magic shunted through him
 +  * Ravi channels the magic into Achmed -his eyes start glowing
 +  * The ground starts to be covered with creepy crawlies
 +  * Morgan's hair starts to move like snakes
 +  * Kat starts casting summon cats
 +  * Air raid sirens are heard by Mr White.  The man in the mask starts heading towards the same air raid shelter - underground station as was used by the witches earlier.  Mr White follows
 +  * A knife explodes
 +  * Ravi mentors Kat in mysteries to help her with the summon cats spell
 +  * This causes a distruption in the magic that was choking Kat
 +  * Achmed casts magic missile at the darkness
 +  * Georgina, Elizabeth and Istara turn up at the underground station - as does Mr White and the man in the mask.
 +  * George tries to convince the coven to stop following Morgan
 +  * The witches don't think they are giving energy to Morgan, and then one of them passes out
 +  * Istara starts taking them through the renouncing 
 +  * While the witches are gathered in a circle listening to Istara, the man in the mask steps into the circle and begins to speak
 +  * Mr White guns him down.  A lot.  Then shoots a light shade from the roof in order to trap him.
 +  * Mr White asks if anyone knows how to get rid of this thing.  Elizabeth suggests turning it back on Morgan.
 +  * The witches reject Morgan and bind themselves to the Realm by praying and chanting in a bastardised ancient Celtic language
 +  * Ravi's house is full of smoke, fire, cats and creepy crawlies as well as energy flows
 +  * The cutlery has fused.  Repeat the cutlery has fused
 +  * Morgan and Achmed seem equally matched, but the sun is going down
 +  * There are masked figures at the windows
 +  * Ravi opens the karmic chakras of Achmed and Morgan
 +  * Kat, using the powers of Bast goddess of magic, helps shape the magic, moving the bad karma from Achmed to Morgan
 +  * Morgan collapses - and is bruised and battered
 +  * The masked people are in the room, picking up Morgan.
 +  * Ravi moves towards them, and they pay homage to him.  They back off.  Ravi argues to keep Morgan.
 +  * They back off.
 +  * The witches recover.  
 +  * The sound of planes and bombs falling starts
 +  * The masked man looks like a broken doll
 +  * George encouraged the most assertive witch to take charge and lead the chanting
 +  * Finnegan walks in
 +  * The masked thing pleads
 +  * Finnegan organises some men to come guard the thing, putting out the story that there is an unexploded bomb in the shelter, and they close it down.  For turning into a lab later
 +  * The all clear sounds
 +  * George offers her London house to Ravi and Istara while his house gets rebuilt
 +  * Finnegan has a bound demon
 +  * Achmed has changed and is lighter hearted now
 +  * Mr White hunts down the Nazi sorcerer
 +  * Morgan was very thoroughly post-mortem character assassinated
 +50s in America next - McCarthyism
 +How characters affected the world in this half century
 + ====== ======
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